Disadvantages of decentralized bitcoin exchanges

When the bitcoin era came into existence, there were only decentralized wallets to do the bitcoin transactions. Because the people had only one option to choose the decentralized wallet, they made their crypto payments in bitcoin software decentralized wallets. But in today’s advanced technology world, there are multiple bitcoin wallets with various features such as user interface and perfect user experience, no liquidity problem, fast buying and selling of bitcoins, ease to use, etc. Therefore, there are a lot of benefits of using bitcoin’s decentralized wallet, but there are also many disadvantages that you should know before using the decentralized bitcoin wallet. If you are looking to get more information about Bitcoin, here is an outline to help you understand Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency and how it works.

What are the exchanges?

Bitcoin web exchanges are space on the web to serve the bitcoin users with multiple features such as buying and selling of these crypto coins, fast withdrawal and deposit of funds, easy interface, better user experience, privacy to transactions, etc. In simple words, exchanges are the applications or websites that provide the buying and selling and many other services to the bitcoin users at some additional cost because these exchanges are run or controlled by a third-party group.

security token platforms offer a secure and efficient way to raise capital, trade, and manage digital assets. Security tokens are blockchain-based tokens that represent ownership of an asset, such as equity or debt. security token platforms provide a way for companies to issue security tokens and for investors to trade them.

How exchanges are different from the Decentralized wallet

The decentralized wallet is different from a centralized exchange because it is purely open source which means many developers worldwide play an essential role in the maintenance and control, which means they are free to use. Furthermore, since no third group controls these wallets, users get complete security and privacy in their transactions rather than centralized exchanges.

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Disadvantages of using a decentralized bitcoin wallet

There are the following opposing sides to using the decentralized bitcoin wallet as a preferred wallet given below:-


  • Complex UI:- Some people do not want to use complex applications or websites because they want a better user experience. The application or website with a bad user interface or is tough to understand will leave the platform and go with another easy interface application, which means decentralized wallets have very few bitcoin users. The terms are very complex for the payment in the decentralized wallets, but on the other hand, the centralized bitcoin exchange provides a smooth experience of using that attracts more and more users. 
  • Bad user experience:- UX or user experience is significant in today’s digitalization era because people are so busy with their personal lives and do not want to waste their time on unnecessary things. Bitcoin’s decentralized wallet gives a bad experience because of the ugly user interface and people leaving the platform. Today’s market is for centralized bitcoin exchanges because they are spending a lot of money to improve the user experience by taking the survey or feedback of their application or website users. 
  • No customer support:- Since these wallets are open-source wallets, many developers approve the design and functioning of the website so that no single person can support you. If you lose your bitcoin or your transaction gets stuck, no one will give you support, or no one will help you get out of the situation. The third-party centralized bitcoin exchange provides customer support because they manage all the things for the users and make money from the transaction their users are doing. To retain their existing users, they provide value and solutions to their customers via many support methods such as email, chat, and phone calls.
  • No Fiat payments:- The most significant disadvantage of the decentralized bitcoin web wallet is that it does not accept or support any domestic currency for buying and selling bitcoins or other crypto coins. These wallets came into existence to build a platform for holding and transferring cash from one wallet to another and not for buying and selling. These are the platform for sending and receiving the payment without involving the third-party groups, which means if you already have the bitcoin, you can only store and transfer the amount. If you want bitcoin into your wallet, you have to contract with the other people who have the bitcoin and buy from them by paying in cash. The centralized exchanges are gaining popularity because they accept the different domestic payment methods, so the users can easily buy and sell bitcoins.
  • Liquidity problem:- People also have liquidity problems in decentralized bitcoin wallets because you cannot sell the bitcoin immediately and cannot convert the cash promptly. Gold is highly liquid because you can convert it into money anytime, but a decentralized wallet does not allow you to sell it instantly.


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