The multifaceted Dj Chulo NYC is in the news and this time for the release of his new track “Se me va el brillo”.

He is betting on his next single, “Se me va el brillo”, which he promises will be a hit and expects the acceptance of all his audience. This year has not stopped, it has been a great year for Dj Chulo NYC, next August, he will tour Europe, he will also be in Dominican Republic and Colombia, where he will have several presentations as a Dj and those are countries that he promises to conquer.

Now, Dj Chulo NYC, collaborates with great and famous artists such as Yailin la más viral, Haraca kiko, El mayor clasico, El cherry, Tivi Gunz, Orlando moreno, El bra 3.15, Quimico ultra mega, El crok, Chucky 73, Falsetto among others.

Although the time of his beginnings is short, it has been very productive. Dj Chulo NYC, is a great connection between artists around the world. For that reason, he is considered a multifaceted and complete artist, for the different functions he performs and that in each of them he tries to be the best.

“In all the fields in which I work, I want to give the best of myself, so that my name sounds and is recognized as one of the best and the one who put all of himself for the growth of music. I am a dreamer, who hopes that all his projects are realized and that is why I work every day to see it happen”. Dj Chulo NYC.

“Se Me Va El Brillo” is no longer rumored and is now confirmed to hits the street this year! Stay updated and connect with DJ CHULO NYC on all platforms below:

FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook. com/notifications.php

INSTAGRAM: https://www. instagram.com/djchulonyc

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/djchulonyc

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6c6C4zF0PwHiS5EdDQbrLC

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