Do Smartdots Actually Work?

Mobile phones emit harmful radiation. This is a known fact and one that has been documented by scientists. There are petitions signed suing Samsung and Apple for botched radiations on mobile devices.

However, today, I want to focus on Smartdots that are designed to protect against this harmful radiation. Do smartdots work?

The small energy dots are designed to protect against electric and magnetic fields (EMF) energy emitted by mobile phones. Can phones even cause a health issue?

The WHO now lists phone radiation as a possible cause of cancer. Join me as I discuss the use of radiation stickers on phones.

What Are Smartdot stickers?

A smartdot review calls the device a small and razor-thin device that you stick to your phone or laptop to retune EMF radiation. The devices fall under the Energydot market.

The gadgets are made to stop and absorb any harmful energy radiation from your mobile phone. It is a small magnetic component with a sticker to attach to the back of your phone.

The idea behind Smartdot stickers is that they attract and absorb radiation from your phone. There is a thin metal in the sticker that absorbs and reflects the radiation, according to the manufacturers.

Metals are good conductors of radiation. However, this brings the question of where the radiation goes once they are attracted to the metal.

Do phones give off radiation?

Yes, mobile phones emit radiation. The phones use radio frequency (RF) radiation to send signals when making a call. RF radiations are quite different from x-rays which are quite harmful.

There is no clear evidence to show that radiation from mobile phones does cause health problems. However, they are classified as possible causes of cancer by WHO and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Do Smartdots Actually work?

The answer to the question can only be answered by scientists through research and testing. With the devices becoming popular across the world, scientists started testing their effectiveness.

A 2003 study found Smartdots to be totally ineffective against harmful radiation from your phone. To simply put it, Smartdots don’t work and are a waste of your money.

Most scientists are in agreement that cell phone stickers don’t work against EMF radiation. The Federal Trade Commission has gone as far as calling most radiation stickers a scam in the industry.

First, there is no clear evidence that supports the effectiveness of Smartdots. In fact, some research has even shown the devices can make the citation worse. The magnetic metal piece can boost your signal output and increase the radiation.

The study was commissioned by Motorola Florida Research laboratories and Corporate EME Research Laboratory. It is a study that used similar the specific absorption rate, SAR measurements.

It is a simple method where phones are taken and placed next to various bodies with a human body shape. Radiation detection devices are then used to measure the radiation getting into the head. The SAR measurement will give the exact radiation getting onto the human body.

Radiation is only dangerous when absorbed. The study involved five cell phones with Smartdot stickers and five without stickers. Radiation for both sets of phones was measured, and results showed no significant difference in reducing radiation.

Is There Any Evidence From The Manufacturers

There is little or no evidence to show the effectiveness of the stickers. For any scientific product, there should be convincing evidence to show how the device works and its effectiveness.

It is a lot easier to manufacture a radiation sticker and claim it works. However, it is even harder to scientifically prove its effectiveness. The stickers would be everywhere if they actually worked as they claim to.

No phone manufacturing company has tried to do the same. If they were working as they claim, most phone manufacturers would have incorporated them into their phones.

Why Don’t They Work

We’ve already seen that most EMF stickers don’t actually work. It is one product that looks fancy on the phone but doesn’t serve its purpose. So, why don’t they work?

They cover a small area on the phone

The entire phone emits radiation, and EMF stickers only cover a small portion of the phone. Let’s for a second imagine the technology does work. A sticker on one side of the phone will absorb the radiation but not the other side.

You’ll need Smartdot stickers covering the entire phone for effective blockage of the harmful radiation.

Smartdot construction materials don’t absorb radiation

The magnetic metal in the sticker might not absorb any radiation. While metal is a good conductor of radiation, it doesn’t absorb them. The radiation will likely pass through and still get to your body cells.

These stickers only give people a false sense of protection. Nonetheless, they remain a popular choice for most people who remain vulnerable to mobile phone radiation.

The least the stickers can do is absorb some heat from the phone. If a sticker is to protect against harmful radiation, it needs materials that are proven to attract and absorb the radiation.

Phones increase signal search

The stickers might cause a drop in the phone signal depending on their location on the phone. Phones tend to ramp up efforts to find the signal when it’s low.

This leads to EMF stickers leading to even higher radiation.

Smartdot Alternatives

Without a doubt, EMF stickers don’t work. So, what are the alternatives? This is important since cell phone radiation is real, although long-term health effects have not been documented.

For most people, anti-radiation cases are a better choice. Unlike WMF stickers, they cover the entire phone. This means radiation is dispersed across the case.

Additionally, they work without affecting the signal of the phone. Most anti-radiation phone cases also use correct materials that block most of the phone radiation.

Apart from getting anti-radiation cases, you can implement a few things to limit exposure. Some of these things include:

  • Making short and few calls
  • Use hands-free devices. You can set your phone on loud-speaker as opposed to pressing it against your skin
  • Avoid taking calls in places with very poor network reception

Final Thoughts

Now using your phone for extended hours puts you at risk of radiation exposure. However, most important is that you know smartdots don’t actually protect you against mobile phone radiation.

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