Don’t Ignore Your Points – Use Them!

Transactions aren’t just transactional anymore. Credit card companies generously give out perks and cash back just to get you to sign up with them and regularly use their card. With the perk-filled Chase Freedom Flex credit card, cardholders have the luxury of earning points on purchases made with their cards.

Every time you or an authorized user buys a product or service using the credit card, you will accrue points at 1 cent per dollar. The point system isn’t simply like giving out gold stars in third grade that don’t have value. These valuable rewards can be used to purchase credits for other products – but move quickly because they tend to have expiration dates. Here’s how to redeem them for things other than cash or account credit.

Use Your Points for Vouchers

After the Chase Freedom Flex sign up bonus, how else can we get money back? Many of Chase Bank’s credit cards fall under their Ultimate Rewards program. Through the Ultimate Rewards program, some of Chase Bank’s credit cards are affiliated with the company’s rewards program. This means that customers can use the points that they have accrued through regular transactions towards purchasing various vouchers.

  • Gift cards: You aren’t limited to using your Chase Freedom Flex card benefits only with Chase. Cardholders have the option of using their accrued points to purchase gift cards or gift certificates through the Ultimate Rewards program from a variety of participating merchants. Visit or call the number on the back of your card to order gift cards.
  • Travel: Points exchangeable for travel expenses are commonplace among competing credit cards. With Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program, cardholders can book airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, cruises, and other activities. Points can be used with Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program to book directly through Chase’s travel center. You don’t need to cover the full cost with your points. Chase offers the flexibility of allowing customers to pay the difference using your card (which, in turn, will again rack up points).
  • Dining and experiences: Redeem your points for takeout or dinner reservations. You can also use the points for attending events around you.
  • Pay with Points: Chase sometimes offers credit cardholders the option of using their points towards purchases directly with merchants or service providers, such as Apple, Amazon, or checking out with PayPal. You’ll just need to be enrolled directly with the vendor. Once enrolled, Chase Bank will give the third-party information about your participation in this program. But they’ll never make a purchase with your points without your permission.

Don’t Forget About Your Points

Credit card points can accrue quite sluggishly – so much that you’ll forget they are even there until one day you log into your account and see hundreds of points. Don’t forget to frequently check your account point balance. Points sometimes expire, and if you don’t use them before expiration, there’s no way to get them back. Stay on top of your point accumulation to maximize the benefits offered by Chase Bank’s credit cards. 


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