Effect of Negative Behaviour of Tutor on Students & Remedies

Tutors are those bridges to the student through which students reach their academic goals and achieve their decided academic benchmarks. Tutors are supposed to teach the students precious knowledge and information regarding their subjects and life also in order to make them a good student and a good person. A tutor’s job is to make students understand those complex things in the world which they are unable to understand without help and they get no option to know about them. Students also do their best to be a good student by studying day and night and following all the orders and the instructions of the tutors. It is said that academic success of the students depends upon their relationship with their tutors because ten only they will be able to ask their queries and can solve their issues with any particular subject which they fear a lot. Today the scenario of teaching and learning has changed completely and everything has been updated with online learning. And even students have opted for new and innovative methods and tools LMS& ERP to enhance their learning process. But here among so much happening and renovation in the field of education something which is still not taken under too much concern is the behavioural aspect of tutoring. Even today tutors prefer punitive actions over being polite and making them understand the lesson to teach them. 

Main issue is usually (not all the time) tutors don’t feel like doing hard work and put some effort into making students good in studies because it is a tough process and needs a lot of endurance if the student is little weak in studies but teacher can’t take back the steps otherwise who will guide the students? Taking punitive actions and scolding the students all the time puts grave negative effects on the students. First of all, they lose their interest in studies. They start to procrastinate and get goosebumps in the name of studies and school. They do not fear the subject much, instead they fear the tutor’s negative image the tutor has built in the student’s mind. Even LMS and ERPsay that the tutor needs to be friendly with the students. Otherwise their whole life they can’t ask their doubts and will follow wrong and doubtful theories their whole life. Being robust and violent with students instead of being polite and friendly, puts negative effects on the students mentally also and physically also. Mentally students freeze seeing the particular furious tutor in the class and could not concentrate on understanding and learning the lesson. Due to this difficulty, they could not ask anything and in exams they got poor marks because they were confused.

Students who face the negative behaviour of tutors in the class stop seeking help which is very dangerous for them for their rest of life because such students never discuss their issues or any kind of problem with anyone. Confidence level of such students gets diminished completely and they trust no one at all. The biggest harm which happens to the students is psychological because they can be seen always in a sad mood with a long face always tangled in the worry how to achieve good marks because they are unable to understand the single word in the particular subject and can’t ask a single query because the tutor is punitive instead of being cooperative. In such situations students become completely hopeless and sometimes being stressed beyond the limits they go into deep depression. As a result, such students regularly fail and lose hope for themselves and sometimes in the worst conditions they try to harm themselves also.

Here tutors need to understand that school is the second home of kids so they can’t behave negatively with kids. They are the authority there, who are responsible to teach, care and protect the students so they need to be friendly and jolly with the students. Sometimes mischief of students can go beyond the limits but that is why tutors are trained to be patient enough, so be patient and make the students understand the real meaning of discipline politely. Once as tutor you won the hearts of those little kids, you won’t have to be harsh with them. Some polite words of yours will do the needful in the class.


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