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Emarketer Spotify US 28.2M PodcastSperezTechCrunch- How to Market Your Podcast With Emarketer

Emarketer Spotify US 28.2M PodcastSperezTechCrunch has released an article which discusses some key points which you need to remember when marketing your podcast. The article talks about the importance of Listenership and CTAs. It also looks at the generation Z and millennials.

One Audio Streaming Service

Emarketer Spotify US 28.2M PodcastSperezTechCrunch is now the country’s number one audio streaming service and the company has made a splash with its podcasts. Its recent announcement of plans to expand its roster of shows and improve user experience is a good sign for the rest of the podcasting community. In a recent survey, the company estimated that tens of millions of US consumers were listening to its podcasts.

User-Friendly & Interactive Platform

Although the aforementioned nifty is not new to the company, the most impressive achievement is in the creation of a user-friendly and interactive platform where the average person can access podcasts on the go. The aforementioned app also boasts an intuitive recommendation system. Which has helped it to turn its users into bona fide podcast fans. With more than a million subscribers and an average monthly listenership of twenty-four hours per listener, the company is set to make its mark on the podcasting scene.

Major Podcast Networks

Emarketer Spotify US 28.2M PodcastSperezTechCrunch company’s impressive arsenal of tools and services are set to help it achieve its goal of being the ultimate all-in-one podcast and music consumption hub. Along with its extensive library of songs, it has partnered with major podcast networks to offer a variety of exclusive and award-winning shows.

Recent Survey of Millennials

A recent survey of millennials reveal that Spotify was their go to music and video streaming provider, and that they were listen to podcasts like they were on a well deserved holiday. The study also revealed that the best time of day for these millennials was on the weekend, with the average podcast listener spending upwards of six hours on the sly. Despite the relative ease and ubiquity of podcasting, there is still plenty of room for improvement in terms of quality and convenience. Fortunately, there are solutions in the form of a few well-funded startups, and a few industry veterans putting their collective brains to good use. These include a group of former sandboxed Google execs, who have thrown their hats into the ring, and a savvy group of early adapters.

First Podcast Platform

In the US, Emarketer Spotify US 28.2M PodcastSperezTechCrunch has become the first podcast platform to surpass Apple Podcasts. Its share of podcasts is growing at an all-time high, according to a recent report.

However, Apple has failed to match the speed of innovation and investment that Spotify has made. As a result, its growth is expect to stagnate for the next two years. Rather than focusing on developing new and innovative content, Apple is expectd to focus on the release of more television-relate content. Despite this, eMarketer believes that Spotify will overtake Apple Podcasts in the US within a few years.

Anchor and Parcast

Last year, Spotify bought Anchor and Parcast. These acquisitions have bolstered its podcasting offerings. In addition, it announced its Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), which will allow advertisers to purchase targeted spots in podcasts. The company also launched its Podcasts Spotlight feature, which highlights rising podcast creators.

As a result, podcasts are estimate to account for 40% of US internet users’ audio time in 2021. This is down from 28% in 2018. However, the data from Edison Research does not provide a precise number. Those results are based on a small sample size of 8,000 weekly podcast consumers, and the results are largely dependent on usage.

Is Spotify the Next Apple?

This aforemention feat is aide by the fact that Spotify is already the largest audio streaming service in the United States. Moreover, its user base is more than double that of Apple. Hence, the company is in a prime position to reclaim the crown as the king of the digital audio kings.

Although it is unlikely that the company will stoop to the level of iTunes, Apple’s dominant position may come to an end. With the introduction of a number of competitions, it is not hard to imagine the audio behemoth coming down on the sexes and poop decks in the not too distant future. A large part of this is due to the aforementioned influx of new talent. Luckily for them, the company is already a jack of all trades when it comes to content. In short, it is a prime target for acquisition. Likewise, its recent inroads into the digital signage arena are bound to bolster its content portfolio.

Final Words:

To help make the transition a smooth one, the company has put together a comprehensive user guide and a robust customer support department. If you’re in the market for a podcast provider. you’d be well advise to keep these stalwarts in mind. It’s also worth mentioning that the company does not have a fixed business model. That said, it’s not difficult to see how a newcomer like Spotify will soon become a coveted part of your digital entertainment oeuvre. After all, the company isn’t just about music and teeming with other eminently entertaining content, such as podcasts and television shows.

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