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Emberify’s 10 Instagram Marketing Strategy That You Can’t Ignore Right Now

In today’s modern era, Instagram is the top most highly visualizing social media platform in the globe. The platform continues to grow rapidly and has become an excellent resource for everyone, mainly for consumers. Yes, of course! Most digitally savvy users utilize Instagram to search for information before purchasing a product. There are around 1 billion active users, which is expected to increase its user base.

Now, there is an opportunity for everyone to try out Instagram marketing. Understanding the platform and taking advantage of businesses is a little bit challenging. But, after you start leveraging Instagram, you will get excited. First, ensure to instagram video views where it means a lot to your business to improve online exposure. Certainly, to achieve your marketing goals, jump on this article and explore the incredible tips to ensure marketing success.

#1 Switch to Business Account

If you still need to register for a business account, you will miss out on a massive opportunity on the platform. First, let’s know that only a business account can access all the business-specific features on Instagram. Whereas, if you hold a personal account, then you are not allowed to access multiple features. So, right now, you have to make a plan to change to a business account. You can easily do it by just clicking on the settings. Once you switch over, you can enjoy multiple benefits and wisely use ads, Shopping, Analytics features, CTA buttons, and more.

#2 Set Clear Goals

Once you start Instagram marketing, you have to think about your marketing objectives. Having a clear plan and utilizing the platform to the most will help to achieve your goals more quickly. Your goals may be:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Gain new leads
  • Build your brands authority
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Become a famous influencer and more.

Alright! If you have a clear vision about your marketing endeavors, then without any disappointment, set your stage for success. Businesses that want to achieve their main goal are utilizing Emberify and improving their presence.

#3 Know Your Audience

As a business, well knowing your ideal audience is essential. Only you can find the resources to entice them more easily. Decide your target customers, whether male or female, Gen Z or millennial or older generations, location, and more. Also, consider where your potential audience is.

#4 Streamline Your Profile

Now, it’s all about building a strong image to attract potential clients. Yes, being more professional makes more sense to bring in more customers. Remember that improving every step of your marketing efforts is worth it. Therefore, making your profile notable and brand-specific is more important. First, upload a high-quality profile image related to your brand, utilize the description space of 150 characters to the most and work on it the right way. In the space, you can include the following:

  • Username and name
  • Contact information
  • Call to action
  • Website link

Once you include all these details, it helps users quickly find out your profile.

#5 Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the feature that is first noticeable when you open the application. So taking it to your advantage will help to establish your businesses. Most businesses utilize Stories to sneak a peak at the new product launch to their target audience and attract them in many ways. Certainly, by using poll stickers and Q&A stickers, you can boost engagement.

#6 Create Captivating Content

You already know that Instagram is a highly visualizing channel that offers excellent opportunities to create great content. Without any doubt, you can utilize its features and create compelling content that attracts others. For example, making tutorials, inspirational quotes, or behind-the-scenes content can inspire more audiences to watch the content. At the same time, seeking help from Emberify lets you effortlessly enhance your brand’s visibility. It’s a win-win strategy to improve a strong online presence.

#7 Utilize Hashtags

Once you start using any social media platform, you will know that hashtags are a crucial part of the content. So you have to pay more attention to potential hashtags to improve the visibility of the content. However, ensure to use brand-specific, relevant, and worthy hashtags to stay competitive.

#8 Collaborate With Influencers

Are you interested in partnering with influencers? If yes, you should consider choosing the right ones. It means partnering with one who is related to your niche with a strong follower base. Whereas influencers are evolving in the global market, relying on valuable influencers will make sense to bring more followers and customers to your brand. As a result, your brand’s credibility and business sales increase.

#9 Get Clear Insights

Once you explore the platform, you will find lots of content and businesses using unique techniques to reach their potential audience. However, it takes a lot of work to learn about Instagram marketing overnight. For that, you can research the completion and know about the performance of your video by utilizing the Instagram analytics feature. This feature will give you a clear idea and can step up your marketing journey.

#10 Post at Right Time

The last and final strategy is to schedule your posts at the best times. It’s not easy to find the right time to share your content. You must go for many trials and post content in different time frames. After this, note at which scheduling time you get the higher engagement. Do thorough research and dedicate your valuable time to sort out the best timings. Therefore, your content is more visible to potential audiences and wisely influences more people to click on your posts. So be consistent in your work and share when your potential customers are more active on the platform.

Final Saying

At last, we conclude that Instagram marketing is worth taking your business to greater heights. It’s now the right time to start using Instagram for your business. However, there are lots of crucial aspects that you have to consider to fine-tune your marketing strategy. So, master the above tips and fine-tune your business campaign to stay at the top.


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