Embracing Managed Mobility Services (MMS) As a Key Factor of Digital Transformation

The concept of Managed Mobility Services is gaining importance in the IT industry. According to the Gartner Glossary, MMS encompasses the standard management of mobile devices of different kinds inside a company. It also includes wireless connectivity and ruggedized field force devices. Here’s why this concept can affect digital transformation. 

Familiar to Millions 

Over 83% of the world’s population own a smartphone, according to 2022 statistics. This means that nearly everybody has a smartphone. Since mobile and wireless connectivity have developed so much over the years, not managing it would be a waste of potential. 

Companies that have already adopted managed mobility services from DMI allow their workers to access the company’s resources right from their mobile devices. Such a system adds speed and efficiency to all levels of corporate life. The “always-available” culture became widespread with the rise of the home office. Remote collaborations between individuals and corporations have become almost the norm since. 

More Productivity

MMS allied to cloud-based systems has proved to be an invaluable tool to boost a company’s productivity. It expands the workforce beyond the company’s walls and allows them to work with professionals worldwide. In fact, working with professionals from different time zones allows a company to extend its working hours. 

Moreover, it allows instant communication between members of the same or the same corporation. It speeds up what were once bureaucratic processes, resulting in more efficiency. Employees can share files instantly and even make real-time collaborations on the same file. 

Optimization of Mobile Services

An MMS provider will take care to install and update its software on all devices across the company. Having a provider doing this job is much better, as any technical problem can be fixed much faster. Typically, a provider installs video conferencing tools, like Skype or Zoom, with the company’s credentials. 

Additional software might include Microsoft Calendar, Outlook, and others designed for specific situations. It’s usually up to the MMS provider to install such programs on all devices in the company. IT teams are more than happy to delegate such functions to MMS providers.

Better Results

A top-notch MMS system gives employees the freedom to work wherever they want. The workforce no longer needs to be constrained inside the company’s walls. It means that businesses can save money on bills and transportation expenses. In some cases, they can even prescind from entire buildings. Such a change results in measurable impacts on a business’ income. 

MWM, MMS, and MDM 

The acronyms above are similar in letters and functions but should not be confused. MMS deals with the mobile management of the entire workforce. MWM stands for Mobile Workforce Management and focuses on specific departments inside a corporation. MDM is for Mobile Device Management, which deals with device inventories and other IT administrative tasks. 

Finding the Right Provider

Since MMS plays a vital role in any company, finding the right provider for the task is paramount. There are scalable solutions for all sizes of businesses. Still, big and small businesses alike should observe a few issues before hiring a provider. The “right” provider should be able to manage all devices in a company seamlessly. 

It’s also up to the MMS provider to install and update the required software on all devices. It saves a lot of time for the IT team, which can concentrate on more administrative issues in the meantime. Also, prefer providers that offer well-rounded support services. 

It’s also ideal to hire an MMS provider that has partnerships with MDM providers. It’s not common to find one company offering both services, although they complement each other. So, it’s better to pick a 2-in-1 provider. 

A Collective Transformation

The ongoing digital transformation in the business world is a collective experience. It shows its best results when everybody can access similar devices and attuned systems. MMS has an incredible potential to connect professionals with a wide range of skills worldwide. 

A corporation can work way beyond the limits of its buildings, creating a much richer pool of expertise. The results of such an approach to mobile services are invariably positive for workers, companies, and customers


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