Enhance Your Logical Skills With These Top Ios & Android Games

Many games like crossword puzzles, sudoku, and 2048 among others, are known to enhance your cognitive abilities. While most games are designed to test and challenge your adrenaline rush, many other games improve your mental knowledge and logical skills. Playing logical games every day helps your brain think strategically and sharpens your neurotic muscles. Logical games are an easy way to enjoy and chisel your skills simultaneously. 

Android and iOS users have many logical games to choose from as the App Store is brimming with logical games. But one doesn’t have that much time to select the best game for themselves, which has good graphics and the trickiest puzzles that put you on task. Here are the best logic games for iOS and Android to put your brain through a trial.

Logic Master

An ad-free game created for children and adults alike, Logic Master has more than 200 tricky puzzles that involve sharpening your memory and logical skills. Moreover, there are no ads in this game which allows uninterrupted enjoyment. The game demands creative and logical thinking and allows the player to unlock different levels and increase each level’s difficulty for maximum enjoyment. The interface consists of appealing graphics and a soothing sound effect suitable for kids to enjoy their time and chisel their mental ability.


Chess is one of the most challenging and trickiest board games that one can play to chisel their logical skills. Chess demands utmost concentration and can’t be treated as a child’s play. Chess is one such game that puts all the cells in your brain into action. Playing Chess is never a cakewalk and is challenging for children and adults alike. The game also improves your cognitive abilities and imbibes patience and concentration in a person. To the onlooker, the game might seem tedious; however, it is one of the most interesting games for the players.

Moreover, it challenges your memory, visual-spatial skills, calculation, and critical thinking ability. It also helps reduce cognitive decline and keeps dementia at bay. You can download chess games on both Android and iOS devices.


Rebus is the game you need if you want to waste your time wisely. With absurd and insanely tricky puzzles, the game has a stylish graphic that allows users to refresh their brains while having a gala time on their phones. An hour of Rebus will help you to forget the stress of a hectic day and use your brain for the task at hand. Moreover, the game surprises the players with different difficulty levels making the game further exciting and unpredictable. With a visually appealing interface and smoother gameplay, Rebus offers a unique gaming experience and is available for free for both Android and iOS users. 


Lumosity is another mobile game to improve your logical skills and mental ability. The game consists of interactive and exciting puzzles that force your mind to work on the task at hand. Moreover, it also tests your problem-solving ability, speed, calculator, memory, and logic. One can even take a ten-minute test to test their logical skills. The game offers more than 40 exciting activities that force your brain to think critically. Additionally, this game will help you strengthen your cognitive patterns and analyze your performance to assess yourself later and work on the areas that need improvement. 

Math & Logic

When Math combines with logic, it is a deadly combination that can challenge your brain to take steady actions. The game is designed for children to test their mathematical and logical skills. If you want to chisel your brain, you can always start with Math Logic for some light-hearted twists and turns and enjoy the game simultaneously. The game efficiently teaches arithmetic, number counting, and logic to children and helps develop their memory, impulse control, logical thinking,  children and problem-solving. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface adds to the game’s beauty, and the smooth controls make it worth playing. 

Brain It On

The game might seem like a cakewalk; however, it would put your logical thinking to the test. Comprising multiple difficulty levels, the game is full of fun and will give you a surge of adrenaline rush. From drawing a random shape to putting a ball in a basket, the game becomes harder and harder to play, enhancing your brain cells and putting you on task. The game doesn’t need deeper thinking; however, it demands quick problem solving and assessing the situation. Moreover, the limited number of chances increases the game’s difficulty level. The game is available for Android and iOS and comes ad-free with the Premium version for 1$. The Premium version also unlocks hints and special cues. 

You Must Escape

As the name suggests, You must Escape a challenging puzzle game that will put you through some intense thinking and problem-solving. The game consists of a room where the player might feel like a prisoner and would try to exit from the room. However, the tricky part is that to leave the room, the player has to solve some tricky puzzles, and with every correct answer, the player will be one step forward to winning the game. The game puts your brain through critical thinking and forces you to think and work harder. Apart from logical brain teasers and challenging puzzles, the game is filled with several attractive objects and themes to make the game further interesting for you. Moreover, the game is frequently updated, and you would never find yourself in the same room, which piques the player’s interest. The app is available for free to download for iOS and Android users.


Don’t worry if you fail at any game; it will prepare your brain for the trickiest puzzles. You have relaxed enough; now it’s time to put your brain to task and solve some tricky puzzles to enhance your logical skills with these top iOS & Android games. These logic games will hone your memory, cognitive abilities, calculation, and logical thinking. Happy playing!

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