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Enhance your outdoor décor with new wooden garden furniture’s

Every garden needs furniture to be complete, as it completes the overall look of the landscape. The furniture should be functional and should also blend in perfectly with your overall theme or décor for that matter.

The wooden garden furniture’s you have will definitely need a cover to protect them from harsh weather effects, as well as to protect them from dust. This article will help you on how to construct a cover for your wooden outdoor furniture, which you can do yourself.

Materials that you will need:

– an old bed sheet (obviously)

– pins of course (one of the most important of them all) 

– a nice and shiny ribbon (optional but will add a little extra appeal to it)


1. Lay the bed sheet on a flat surface, making sure that it’s large enough to cover your furniture’s. Place your chairs on top of the sheet, making sure that they are lined up properly.

2. Draw a line on the edge of the sheet to mark where your chair legs line up. If you have no idea how wide to make it, just use one or two fingers as your guide. Do this for all the chairs.

3. Cut the piece that you drew a marker on. Make sure that you cut through both layers of sheet as well as your chair legs. The line, as well as the double layer should be enough to ensure this.

4. Now place each chair back individually and pin it in place on the sheet, making sure that the cut out over laps on both sides of the chair, with at least two folds on either side. You can also use a nice shiny ribbon to add more appeal to it.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all your chairs. Now place the sheet on top of your wooden garden furniture and make sure that it fits (folding and unfolding bits as you go along).

6. Now cut smaller pieces for all the sides. Fold them in half and pin them to the piece beneath it to ensure that there is enough overlap when you flip it over.

7. Now pull at each corner of the sheet to form an acute angle, making sure that it’s large enough for your chairs to fit through, but not too big as to make another opening on the other side (you don’t want air to come in).

8. Pin down all of the sides. Now pull outwards on each side until it forms a perfect square.

9. Now fold over one layer of sheet to form a clean edge, then cut the excess off with scissors or by placing your hand beneath it and cutting into it. You may need to do this for all sides to make sure that they are even.

10. Make small tucks around the edge of your piece by folding it inwards, making sure that you fold enough so as not to see any of the pins on the other side. Repeat this for all sides.

11. Now place your wooden garden furniture cover back on top of the sheet to ensure that it’s all clean and looks nice. You can also use a marker to draw lines around the legs so as to see where they all line up, making sure you fold them inwards before pinning them down. 

12. Now you are done! You can easily remove them by just pulling out all the pins and folding it back inwards. Be careful when removing the chairs though, as they will be a little open due to your folds.

So, there you have it; your wooden outdoor furniture now has covers to protect them from the harsh elements of the weather. They are also protected from dust, which will result in a longer life span for your garden furniture’s. You can even write on them with permanent marker to label or identify which chairs and tables need to be used under which cover.

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