Error Handling in Windows-Based Operating Systems

Windows provides multiple features for its users. Statistically, over 30 per cent of Computer users globally use Windows. There are various reasons for this. The primary reason, however, is how user-friendly the operating system is. As such, even Windows users encounter errors from time to time. One can attribute this to various reasons. A prevalent error faced by users is “msvcp140.dll not found”. While these errors are frustrating for users, they have simple fixes that make operating the system a breeze. Thus, this article will focus on understanding various errors related to these files faced by users and solving these errors.

Errors faced by Users 

Dynamic Link Libraries are known to cause trouble to users. Many users often search for solutions to these errors. However, it is vital to understand why these errors occur before attempting to solve them.

i) Crash – One of the prevalent errors faced by the user is that of a file crash. A file crash essentially occurs when the system searches something and returns an infinite loop or a NULL value. As such, these crashes occur during faulty installations.

ii) Missing Users often encounter a missing file error. For instance, many users report that they’ve faced “msvcp140.dll not found” while trying to run their favourite game.

iii) Corrupt – While these errors occur less, a corrupt file error essentially implies that the file is affected by malware. Malware content gets uploaded by cybercriminals to prey on unsuspecting users. These kinds of software are usually portrayed as legitimate software on the internet for users to download.


As observed, various errors occur due to .dll files. While these errors frustrate users and take away their precious time, the solutions ensure the continuous utilization of the application without much hassle. Here are a few solutions preferred by users of Windows-based Operating Systems.

i) Restart – The first solution a user can adopt is to restart the system. While this solution might not always be effective, there’s no harm in rebooting the system to check if the error was just a processing mismatch.

ii) Update – Another solution is to update the software and the operating system. Firstly, a few of the errors mentioned above occur due to outdated software. As such, one can resolve these errors by simply updating them. Windows Update allows users to renew files of the Operating System without hassle. However, specific software updates are slightly trickier.

iii) Reinstall – Another solution is to reinstall the software entirely. Fresh copies of the software guarantee higher chances of functionality.

iv) Download – Users can also download the missing or corrupt file on the internet. While this task seems simple, one should always take precautionary measures before attempting to pursue this endeavour. Many malware distributors across the internet target unsuspecting users. One method is to download Antivirus software like Kaspersky, or AVG, to ensure system safety.

v) Restore – Finally, a user can resolve the issue by restoring the entire system. The System Restore feature of Windows lets users create a checkpoint on the system. This checkpoint is available at a later point to take the system back in time.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of errors users of Windows-based Operating systems face. However, with the advent of advancements in Microsoft, the organization strives to make the OS simpler by the day. It provides various features for its users to solve errors without trouble.

As such, msvcp140.dll is a file used by multiple applications in today’s scenario. Individuals encounter various errors related to these files. While these errors frustrate users, understanding the reason for the issue helps individuals fix this error. 

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