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Numerous insects can invade our residential environments, making them unpleasant. We think of the mosquitoes of course, which are undoubtedly among the insects that cause the most annoyance, especially because they bite. But we also think of flies, midges, ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches. We need to find an effective solution to be able to eradicate these insects.

Many people believe that the only effective solution to be able to eradicate insects are chemicals. The chemicals are very effective. It usually takes a few minutes to be able to eliminate all insects from your home. The problem, however, is that any chemical substance, even if present in a very low percentage, can be dangerous to health.

The chemicals with which we come into contact every day can irritate the skin and eyes, cause redness and itching, as well as cause respiratory problems, especially in those subjects who already suffer from asthma or allergies. Not only that, chemicals are highly polluting. Considering that the planet we live on already has many problems, why should we make them even more acute if natural solutions against mosquitoes are available?

Yes, there are completely natural solutions, which are harmless for the planet as well as for our health. Among these, the most performing are ultrasounds for insects. Let’s go together to the discovery of ultrasonic pest control and the devices that allow us to remove insects from our homes once and for all.

Ultrasound And Insects

First of all, let’s try to understand why ultrasound allows us to keep insects away from our homes. Insects can perceive the ultrasounds that act on their nervous system. They feel confused and disoriented. Precisely for this reason, they begin to consider the rooms of your home as unpleasant. That’s why they decide to flee, to go and live elsewhere. The ultrasonic insect repellent devices, therefore, do not kill, they simply remove insects from your home, your garden, and all your environments. Also for this reason it is a one hundred percent eco-friendly solution.

But is this an effective solution or are they just words in the wind? Since it was discovered that ultrasound can be considered a natural remedy against insects, some developers of apps for smartphones and tablets have decided to create insect repellent applications. These applications have been tested and shown to have no effect. Since the news of their ineffectiveness has circulated, most people have started to believe that ultrasounds don’t work at all. It is not so. Apps don’t work, ultrasound devices do.

The apps can emit ultrasounds via smartphone or tablet at a too low frequency, which cannot cause any nuisance to insects. The ultrasound devices that are commercially available today, on the other hand, can emit quite high frequencies. Not only that, the apps emit a fixed frequency. Keeping the frequency of the ultrasound fixed means that the insects can get used to it. 

Initially, they feel confused, but their body then reacts and they are therefore able to continue living at home despite the ultrasounds without any kind of difficulty. The ultrasonic devices against insects instead emit a variable frequency, inserted in a rather wide range. Insects cannot become addicted in this way. That is why they are truly effective devices.

Devices For Flying And Crawling Insects, But Also For Mice

In short, ultrasonic devices for insects work, but on what types of insects? Ultrasound devices on flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, midges, bedbugs, wasps, and bees are very effective. Ultrasound devices on crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and the like are also very effective. Not just insects, electronic pest repeller are also very effective in warding off types and rodents.

Ultrasonic Devices For Insects And Mice? 

Yes, you got it right, with these devices you will also remove the risk that mice will find it pleasant and suitable for their proliferation from your home.

Battery-powered Devices Or Devices To Be Plugged In?

Ultrasonic devices are available to be connected to the current and battery-operated devices. The devices to be connected to the electricity are born to be used directly at home, while the battery-powered ones are the ideal choice for all those who want to use them also in the garden or on the balcony, where perhaps there is no power outlet.

Not only that but today there are also very small battery-operated ultrasonic devices for insects with a hook, to be worn on the belt of the trousers, to be attached to the children’s pram, and the like. They are therefore perfect for any walk outside the home, to prevent insects from approaching. Think that there are also bracelet versions available, to be worn on the arm or ankle!

Ultrasonic Devices In The House: How To Place Them

It is essential to remember that ultrasound cannot go beyond walls. Precisely for this reason, you will necessarily have to purchase an ultrasonic device to ward off insects in every room of the house. In the case of very large rooms, is it necessary to place several devices in the same room? Not, because the latest generation ultrasound devices that you can find on the market today have a wide range of action even up to 150  square meters. Even those who live in an open space can afford to buy a couple at most to cover their entire home.

Contraindications Of Ultrasound

Do ultrasound devices hurt? Many people believe so, but they are wrong. First of all, it is necessary to remember that ultrasound cannot be perceived by the human ear. This means that they do not make home environments in any way unpleasant, but above all, it means that they cannot cause any kind of hearing problems.

Ultrasound also has nothing to do with radiation. Their use, therefore, does not endanger the health of the human organism. They also do not emit bad odors or release chemicals into the environment. For these reasons, they are considered the absolute best solution for pregnant women, newborn babies, and even pets.

Ultrasound Devices: Do They Bother Dogs?

As we just stated, these devices are considered to be the ideal choice for pets as well. Not even dogs and cats can perceive ultrasounds, as well as horses, pigs, sheep, and all farm animals. The situation changes if you have a rodent as a pet, perhaps a small guinea pig, a hamster, or a guinea pig. If ultrasound can disturb mice, it can disturb your puppy as well.

This does not mean that you should abandon the idea of ​​using these devices. You just have to be careful not to put the ultrasound devices in the same room as the cage with your pet, that’s all.

Best Ultrasound For Insects: Purchase And Advice

The best ultrasonic devices for insects can now be purchased in many different types of stores. You can even find them in supermarkets, pharmacies, and home improvement stores! They are also not very expensive devices. Just 10 euros are enough to buy an ultrasonic device to ward off insects.

Although they are easy to find even in the shops of the city, we recommend buying them directly online. Online prices are competitive and you can choose from a wider range of models. On the web, there are usually also packs of two or more devices available that allow you to save money and already can completely cover your home. Among the best eCommerce for your purchase, we recommend Amazon.

Buy On Amazon.

There are countless ultrasonic insect repellent devices that you can find on Amazon at competitive prices. To choose the most suitable device for your needs, you can rely on the product sheets. Each card is composed of product images, a detailed description with also a list of the most important features, the recommended list price, and the price applied by Amazon. 

At the end of the sheet, you will find the table with the summary of the technical specifications and the comparative table, which compares that product with the other similar devices available for sale, to understand with a single glance what the important differences are. It should be remembered that you will also find the full review on ultrasonic devices for insects, written by those who have already made that purchase. 

Some opinions on ultrasonic devices for insects are verified, therefore Amazon users who bought the device on Amazon. Other opinions, on the other hand, are not verified, but they must not, therefore, be considered less truthful. The opinions on ultrasonic devices for insects are important, as they allow you to discover any negative sides of a product so that understanding whether it is a choice that is worth making is simple for you.

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