Everything you need to know about breakaway lanyards

Breakaway lanyards with logo might be overlooked but they are still a very important part of many businesses. If your company uses ID cards or passes or door cards, then you need to provide your employees with an easy way to keep track of these items. Many businesses require their employees to display the breakaway lanyards with logo at all times and this is something which makes lanyards a very important part of some uniforms. Breakaway lanyards with logo are a lot more suited to some industries than non-breakaway lanyards.

Why the reason to use breakaway lanyards?

Breakaway lanyards with logo happen to differ from traditional lanyards in many ways but they differ mostly when it comes to the design. If the breakaway lanyards with logo get pulled on or caught then they have a breakaway clasp that separates and this allows the lanyard to be removed very harmlessly from the person wearing the lanyard. The ‘breakaway’ aspect of the lanyards actually happens to be a very important safety feature because in many industries if the lanyard gets caught on the machinery, it can end up badly hurting the person who is wearing the same.

What are the different industries that can benefit from breakaway lanyards with logo?

There actually happen to be many where a lanyard can easily get caught on machinery or it can be pulled down by an entirely other person and in such jobs it makes sense to use breakaway lanyards with logo mainly for the purpose of guaranteeing safety and for avoiding injuries. If you happen to work in any of the following professions then you might want to consider using breakaway lanyards with logo.

  • Industries where heavy machinery is used :- One of the main industries where breakaway lanyards with logo are used actually happen to be the industries where heavy machinery is utilized. Here we are talking about professions like engineering, repairing services, the printing industries, the auto mechanics industry, so on and so forth. Essentially, breakaway lanyards with logo are used in any industries where equipment is expected to be used with lots of exposed moving parts. It makes a lot of sense to use breakaway lanyards with logo in industries where the professionals either have to bend over or lean over open equipment to use and especially in places where repairs are expected to take place for such equipment. Some jobs can end up being extremely dangerous if the breakaway lanyards with logo gets caught in the machinery and can’t break free even if they want to break free.
  • The next industry where breakaway lanyards with logo are so prominently used happens to be the construction industry. This is because professionals who happen to work in the construction industry often find themselves exposed to situation where physical safety is actually one of the main concerns. In construction site environments if anything gets caught on the exposed materials present on such sites and ends up trapping the wearer, then it is a huge safety hazard. One of the best things of using  breakaway lanyards with logo is that there is little or no chance of the workers getting caught on anything and there is also very little chance of them either doing the slightest bit of damage to either themselves or to the worksite that they might be working on.
  • Further breakaway lanyards with logo are prominently used in all sorts of jobs and especially the jobs where there is a need for combative roles to be taken by the people who have been hired to such jobs. This means that such lanyards are often used by professionals like police officers, security guards, club bouncers as well as bar bouncers. Such professionals often find themselves in situations where someone might pull at their clothing just for the sake for starting a meaningless altercation. In such professionals the breakaway lanyards with logo can easily keep the employees safe from all sorts of harm.
  • Education again happens to be one of those sectors where breakaway lanyards with logo are used quite prominently. The education sector has a lot of potential for accidents because teachers often have to work with children. Children don’t always know the ramifications or consequences of their actions and sometimes just for the heck of it or for the fun of it, they might try to pull down a lanyard simply as a joke for the purpose of getting attention. Even if children are too innocent to have any malicious intentions there’s always a chance that they might hurt others by jerking down someone’s neck merely by pulling on a lanyard.

The Bottom Line

You may or may not realize it but lanyards actually happen to be an extremely important part of workplace safety. Just buy the best lanyards for use in your business operations and you will be in good hands. If you happen to be a business owner then you can save yourself and others from a lot of negative situations by using breakaway lanyards at the workplace.

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