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Everything you need to know about custom soft enamel pins

Don’t let the name lead you astray because there is actually nothing ‘soft’ about custom soft enamel pins in any way whatsoever. This term is often used in the industry to describe a wide range of finished products. The custom soft enamel pins are actually one of the best and greatest ways to create your lapel pins without losing sight of the budget you have in mind.

So what exactly are custom soft enamel pins?

Most of the lapel pins being used today are actually the soft enamel lapel pins. What this means is that such pins actually offer a lot of benefits like cloisonné pins. The custom soft enamel pins are actually very popular and this is mainly because of their immensely high value and textured surface. Soft enamel is actually one of the most popular type for custom soft enamel pins because the end-result is an excellent looking product that comes at prices which are pretty less than cloisonné lapel pins or imitation lapel pins. Out of all the options out there, custom soft enamel pins are actually the least expensive but you are actually guaranteed very good quality pins when you go for them. A lot of benefits can be availed from using custom soft enamel pins which makes them an excellent option for a wide range of settings right from schools to promotional events to non-profit organizations, so on and so forth.

How are custom soft enamel pins created?

A mold is actually die struck and then different enamel colors are filled in different recessed areas of the pin, one by one, by hand. Then the custom soft enamel pins are fired at temperatures that can reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. After this, an optional epoxy coating is applied as a great preventative measure to keep all the colors from either cracking or from fading. When this is done, then the result is that the custom soft enamel pins look very good for several years to come. The custom soft enamel pins can either be gold plated or they can be silver plated or nickel plated. Sometimes even a very clear epoxy dome is added to ensure very long-lasting durability and much finished looks. All of this ensures that all custom soft enamel pins out there in the market are rugged, versatile along with being very affordable. 

Here’s why custom soft enamel pins are so popular

With soft enamel, a lot of things are possible, right from brass stamped to copper stamped. The custom soft enamel pins might look very similar in appearance to the original cloisonné pins and they also imprint the design into base pin metal materials. On the other hand custom soft enamel pins tend to use much richer colors in comparison to cloisonné pins. Further, iron stamped always works exceptionally well with soft enamel. A lot of things can be made possible with custom soft enamel pins and even pantone colors can be used with them. This makes custom soft enamel pins actually one of the lowest costs pins of all types of pins out there.

The Bottom Line

Custom soft enamel pins are actually one of the best ways to market your business and show your support for any cause that you might have in mind. You can get the highest-quality custom soft enamel pins designed from one of the many stores which is in the business of doing so. You can make the entire process of purchasing custom soft enamel pins a lot easier by ordering from the best custom soft enamel pins store. Creating custom soft enamel pins is actually a lot more affordable than you could ever think it is. There are plenty of options to source such pins from and you should begin ordering from them if you have not already done so. Many benefits on several fronts can be availed from custom soft enamel pins which explain why they are being so extensively used by so many different people in so many different places, right from individuals to institutions to organizations, so on and so forth. You can begin using them in your business operations, if you haven’t already done so. 

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