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You might be aware of the term Toll-Tax that has to be paid whenever you use or commute through a National highway. It is collected by the Government for using a smooth passage for commutation by the Indian Citizens. So, in order to encourage digitalization, the NHAI has introduced and implemented the system of FASTag. It is Radio Frequency Identification technology that is used to collect toll taxes. Now, it is mandatory in India that every four-wheeler must have an Online FASTag if it has to pay the Toll-Tax at the toll. It is a reloadable tag that is linked to your wallet or bank account and the payment is done automatically through RFID technology as soon as you cross a toll. Let’s check out the benefits of FASTag and the documents required to get a FASTag.

Benefits of FASTag

Here are some of the exclusive benefits of implementing the FASTag Payment System in India:-

100% Digital Process

After the implementation of FASTags, you will not have to wait in long queues and carry cash with you. Your car is enough to make the payment of toll tax because the FASTag Sticker is stuck to your front windscreen. The whole payment system is digital and there is no need for any personal contact.

Saves Time

As you don’t have to wait in long queues and wait for your turn to pay the toll tax, the FASTag has helped a lot of travelers in saving their valuable time. It takes a few seconds to scan the FASTag Sticker and make the payment.

Saves Fuel

FAST also saves fuel with time because, with the reduction in the waiting time, the consumption of fuel has also been reduced.

Easy FASTag Recharges

There are multiple apps and digital wallets available that help to apply for a New FASTag and make FASTag recharge online. These apps and wallets reload the FASTag in the multiples of 100 and you can make payment through it at the Tolls.

Offers on FASTags

There are a lot of digital wallets and banking apps that give exclusive offers on FASTag Recharges. So, using those offers, you can save some extra bucks while recharging the FASTag.

Documents Required for FASTag

You will have to submit the following documents at the time of applying for a FASTag for your vehicle. You can check the list of those documents below:-

  • Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC).
  • A Passport-Sized Photograph of the Vehicle’s Owner.
  • KYC Documents

Division on FASTag Based on Colours

The color of the FASTag Sticker differs from vehicle to vehicle. You can see the color of the FASTag Sticker you will get depending on the vehicle you use.

  • Violet Color FASTag Sticker for Jeep, Car, and Van.
  • Violet Color FASTag Sticker for Tata Ace and Mini LCV.
  • Orange Color FASTag Sticker for LCV 2 Axle.
  • Yellow Color FASTag Sticker for Bus, Truck, and 3 Axle.
  • Green Color FASTag Sticker for Bus, Truck, and Two Axle.
  • Pink Color FASTag Sticker for Truck 4 Axle and Above.
  • Light Blue Color FASTag Sticker for Oversized.
  • Grey Color FASTag Sticker for Earth Movers.

Important Points to Remember About FASTags

There are some important points that you must keep in your mind about FASTag and they are below:-

  • You can use the FASTag for making toll payments only after 20mins. of adding money to the wallet.
  • If you have linked FASTag with a bank account then the amount will be deducted directly from the bank account and you will receive an alert about the deduction.
  • Your FASTag will get blacklisted at the toll if you don’t have the required balance on your FASTag wallet.
  • You can use one FASTag per Vehicle. If you have more than one Vehicle then you will have to apply for multiple FASTags depending upon the number of vehicles you have.


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