Everything You Should Know about Broadband

Broadband internet service is one of the most used forms of internet access today and the reason behind this is its fast speed. A broadband connection is in four different forms which are – cable, satellite, DSL and fibre-optic. Let’s have a look at these four forms in brief.

Cable- this connection is provided by the local Tv cable provider where the range of internet is in a given geographical area. The speed of the system slows down when many people access the internet.

Satellite- this is the slowest broadband service that is provided through the satellite. If we compare it to a dialogue that is used by people living in rural areas then we can say that it is not that bad but the installation cost of this connection is also quite high.

DSL- the digital subscriber line internet service makes a connection by having listed the unused telephone wires that can cause interruption to your telephone service. The speed that you get in this connection varies with your distance.

Fibre-optic- this is one of the newest broadband services and it has the fastest internet connection but this type of internet connection service is still in infancy and also its service area is quite limited but we talked about its price then it competes with DSL and cable.

What should be the speed?

Broadband speed is basically how quickly you can upload or download data through the internet. Everyone needs a fast broadband speed and that broadband speed can be measured in Mbps per second and Kbps per second, which means that the higher the number of bits per second equals the faster your broadband speed will be.

How to check your connection speed?

There are many broadband speed tests available on the internet which lets you see the average speed that you are getting from service. You can also find a free broadband speed test that can be useful for you to regularly test the speeds of your broadband so that you can ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Factors affecting broadband speed

Several factors can affect the speed of your broadband and some of them are as follows.

1. Type of connection- as mentioned earlier there are different types of connections and this is very obvious that a connection can affect your broadband speed. Another technology emits signals that can also cause interference which is the reason why you should try to keep your router far from these devices.

2. Password protection- if you don’t have a password on your broadband then anyone can use your internet connection and this can slow down the speed of your broadband.

3. Several connections- if you will connect a lot of devices to the internet then your internet speed will automatically slow down. The speed of your internet also depends on the weather condition and exchange connection ratio.


Broadband speed can be affected by many reasons and if you want to check the speed then you can follow the differential above. You can easily get a broadband connection by contacting a service provider that enjoys the Internet.

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