Expert Tips on Social Media Audit Tools from NetBase Quid

If you to upgrade your online marketing strategies, you need to evaluate the influence and performance of your social media sites. Identify which accounts have the least impact on your target audience and which ones bring you a high number of customers. Also, ensure that you make all the necessary upgrades to have a fully optimized social media account.

You could use proper social media audit tools from NetBase Quid to achieve these goals. Such tools offer all the statistics you would need to understand the ins and outs of online marketing. Using these tools, you can monitor the activities of your competitors and identify their strong points in the market.

Monitor Every Social Media Accounts

You need to keep tabs on all your social media accounts to ensure you get an accurate analysis of your social media data. It may surprise you that even old accounts could still provide insightful information. From your past accounts, find out which ones will probably bring in more clients to your brand.

If you can reach out to them, it may be best to do so since you can bring them over to your site seamlessly. If you have too many accounts and are unable to manage them daily, you may want to get professional help. You only have to ensure that strictly accurate information gets posted on all your platforms.

Update All Your Accounts

NetBase Quid offers auditing tools that present you with the best results from the collected data. Thanks to their provisions, your online followers can get the most recent profile and information that reflects the present status of your brand. If they have only recently seen your profiles, they will assume that your information centers on your newest products.

For that reason, you should concentrate on work on your social media profiles by including the latest upgrades from your brand. You can also link profiles to other platforms where you have received positive reviews and testimonials.

Focus on Your Most Relatable Posts

Some of your social media posts fail to gain the sort of traction you would expect. With time, you will begin noticing what your audience likes and create conversations around those topics. You will notice that your most popular social media posts are those that offer essential information to your target audience. Therefore, you should work towards making such valuable posts to grow your client base.

Ensure that you give comments on each post and reach out accordingly to attain the best outcome. Your marketing campaigns on social channels will be more effective when these posts are read and shared widely. Nonetheless, you should also pay attention to the low-performing accounts since you need to put in some work to see them change. NetBase Quid presents you with a variety of social media tools to help you build on these accounts.

Keep Tabs on the Results

Monitoring the outcomes of your online engagements plays a major role in the auditing process. You need to know the progress of your social media audit process. By tracking results, you will easily note the areas that should be eliminated and those that require improvement.

On the plus side, monitoring your performance on social media has become simpler thanks to the invention of NetBase Quid and its solutions. NetBase Quid can also give you a thorough report on your social media audit.


You should carry out regular social media audit tasks as they may point out segments that require urgent fixing to avoid further damage to your brand. To detect these problems early and stick to your campaign, you need effective detection tools.

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