Florida Injury Laws: What You Need to Know

Florida has drawn more than 19 million citizens, not millions of visitors each year, thanks to its fantastic weather and endless coastline. With so many individuals moving around and interacting around the state, there are likely to be injuries. 

Often, these mishaps result from someone’s carelessness and could have been avoided. Injury victims have the right to seek compensation in these circumstances, and a skilled personal injury lawyer can help them get what they deserve.

A personal injury legal firm will have the knowledge and experience to obtain monetary compensation for losses. You must establish that the other party was negligent to win an individual injury case in Florida. As a result, you need to prove that they did anything wrong that caused you harm.

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Injury Cases and Negligence

Failure to exert reasonable care is referred to as negligence. According to Florida law, the defendant in a personal injury case owes a duty of care to the injured party and should have known that what they did or did not do put others in danger.

Most legal actions involving damages, such as personal injury and medical malpractice, are built on the foundation of negligence. The Florida law governing negligence is presented in Chapter 768 of the Florida Statutes, which is also found in other states with identical provisions. 

The plaintiff must establish that all of the negligence components occurred to prove that the defendant committed a tort against the injured person.

Liability in Florida Under No-Fault Laws

A no-fault policy aims to provide medical care to people wounded in car accidents. Still, it does not prohibit the at-fault party from being blamed or the injured party from suing if they have suffered a substantial personal injury.

Severe injuries are defined under Florida personal injury statutes as bodily harm that results in considerable and permanent scars or disfigurement. Additionally, any wrongful death that resulted from bodily trauma is also covered.

Limitation laws in Florida

A personal injury suit in Florida is barred for four years from the date of the accident. If you don’t submit your lawsuit within this time frame, the courts will most likely reject it and ignore it entirely!

In some personal injury lawsuits, the victim may discover months after the fact that they were unfairly damaged. This can cause the litigation window to be extended if the victim can show sufficient proof.

Remember, the law’s deadline is crucial to your position in negotiations with the defendant.


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