From dog lover to pet entrepreneur: The story behind LuckyTail

Every responsive dog owner wants their pets to be happy and healthy, but not everyone has the time – or knowledge – to ensure their furry friend is getting everything they need. To help dog parents to take the best care of their pooches, Emily Morgan, an experienced vet, co-founded LuckyTail, a company focused on animal wellbeing.

The e-commerce store created an innovative product that gives pups more comfort to walk: LuckyTail nail grinder. The device delivers professional results with ease at home. After helping and educating thousands of owners about the importance of keeping dog’s nails short, LuckyTail recently expanded its services to offer more products that increase a pup’s quality of life. 

Pet parents and their pawed companions can benefit from more than 10 products at the LuckyTail e-store. They can also learn and get some tips from the company’s blog, which provides full dog care rituals. 

With a big positive impact on many dogs’ lives, let’s understand how Emily Morgan contributed to the creation of one of the main pet e-commerce brands available on the market:

Question 1.  Who inspired you to start LuckyTail?

As a dog owner, I have always been inspired by the unconditional love that our furry friends give us. As soon as we walk in the door after a long day at work, they’re there to greet us with wagging tails and plenty of kisses! I wanted to return this love to them and that’s why I became a veterinarian and later co-founded LuckyTail.

The inspiration behind LuckyTail was a dog named Linnie. She was a very special pup to us in the vet clinic. She passed away in late 2008 because of human negligence. Her owner didn’t know her nails should be trimmed regularly, so they grew till curving on the paw pad, causing pain to walk and leading to bruises on her foot. A bacteria entered the wound and caused a strong infection that led to Linnie’s death.

We were so sad that an innocent oversight had such a tragic ending that we felt like we needed to do something to honor her memory, educate pet owners, and prevent the same to happen with other dogs. That’s when we came up with LuckyTail. 

We built, with the help of engineers, vets, and groomers, a revolutionary nail grinder that is pet-friendly and allows dog parents to achieve professional results at home. After years of making puppies walk comfortably, we decided to expand and provide other products that are essential for their well-being. 

Question 2. Why is your product better than others?

LuckyTail is the result of long research, test, and alignment of the main features a nail grinder should have. The product was created with safety in mind, so it’s gentle enough for all breeds of pooches. 

We took into consideration a dog’s sensitiveness to sound and touch, creating the quietest nail grinder ever built. LuckyTail is whisper-quiet and vibration-free, which makes it the most pet-friendly among other brands. 

Our device can offer a customizable experience for pups of different ages and breeds. LuckyTail has variable speed options; soft, medium, and hard grinding heads, which are adjustable according to a dog’s reaction and sensitivity. In addition, LuckyTail also comes with a protective cover for inexperienced pet parents to trim their pup’s nails without risking overcutting them. 

The nail grinder was also made thinking about who will trim the claws. The device is made of high-quality materials, has a strong motor, ergonomic design, and a comfortable grip. Moreover, it’s wireless, giving freedom of movement and allowing it to be used anywhere. The durability of this product will make sure your puppy’s nails are always trimmed to perfection! 

Lastly, LuckyTail can solve dog owners’ issues anywhere in the world. The product can be shipped worldwide and arrive home in just a couple of days.

Question 3. Why should you trim dog nails at home?

Trimming a dog’s nails at home saves time, money on vet bills, despite providing a bonding experience between the owner and his pet. 

Assuming that an indoor pet should have his claws shortened twice a month, and a nail trimming costs about $15, in a year, dog owners would have paid $360 to the groomer. With LuckyTail, they can buy the device for $39.95 and then use it for years, resulting in about $320 saved at the end of the year. 

Trimming at home is also better for the pet since he trusts the owner, will feel more comfortable giving his paws, and will be less likely to resist till the end of the procedure. It’s a great opportunity to create stronger bonds with the pooch and make this moment a pleasant one.

Question 4. Is it safe to use?

LuckyTail is totally safe to be used at home. The nail grinder comes with a protective cover that safeguards the dog’s claws from being overcut. In addition, our device offers a personalized experience for dogs and owners. 

We took into consideration all dog breeds and their natural sensitivity to sound and touch. LuckyTail is the quietest nail grinder, which is essential for a pet-friendly experience. In addition, it comes with different speed options and easily changeable grinding heads, offering a unique experience to each dog. 

It’s the safest nail grinder to use at home.

Question 5. My dog is scared of everything. Will he be scared of LuckyTail?

Absolutely not. LuckyTail has a whisper-quiet motor with ultralight vibrations. In other words, your dog may not even feel his nails are being ground. 

To ensure a positive experience, before starting grinding, turn on the device and put it close to your pooch. Give time to him to sniff, touch and feel comfortable around the device. Following these simple steps, your pet will feel safe using LuckyTail.

Question 6. I have a large dog. The motor will be enough?

Thick nails are not a problem. Not only LuckyTail has a powerful motor with two-speed options, but also we’ve developed extra hard grinding for large breeds. You can achieve round, polished, and smooth nails within a few minutes. 

Our team researched, developed, and tested LuckyTail to work efficiently even in the hardest nails. The powerful motor and hard grinding head are key for a positive experience in large dogs.

Question 7. What is LuckyTail’s mission?

Our main pillars are safety, comfort, and flexibility. 

As a company responsible for improving animal wellbeing, we are also committed to building a sustainable and inclusive future. We use pet-friendly ABS Plastic in our grinders and tools, which is 100% recyclable, more resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. Our purpose is to reduce waste across all the work we do.

LuckyTail’s mission is to create an environmentally friendly brand with a positive impact on many dogs’ lives. We support pet shelters around the world, and we’re committed to ending pet abuse by cosmetic brands and even some owners. 

Thank you for your time Emily… 

There’s no doubt that such passion and dedication to animals would result in one of the most pet-friendly brands on the market. If you want to check their products or blog, access

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