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George Conway Twitter Swipe at Wife Kellyanne Conway on Twitter

The tweet that George Conway Twitter posted is a clear cut case of him taking a Twitter swipe at his wife Kellyanne. The president’s spokesman and advisor is notoriously vocal about his criticisms of the president and his administration. But in this case, George Conway has chosen to take a more personal approach. He took a roll eye emoji to respond to the president’s tweet and has been criticizing his wife ever since.

President Donald Trump

Since joining Twitter in 2013, George Conway has tweeted almost 500 times, almost half of which castigated President Donald Trump. While most of his tweets about Trump have come in recent months, he has occasionally responded to his wife’s criticisms by praising conservative columnist Mona Charen and denouncing her criticism of Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference. However, some tweets appear to be deleted, suggesting that George Conway has hidden his response.

In another tweet, Kellyanne Conway referred to President Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, as “creepy Joe.” George Conway responded by writing, “Your boss must have thought that you were creepy!”

Director of CNN’s

Earlier this year, Ben Terris, the director of CNN’s The Five, interviewed Kellyanne and said, “I’m sure she’s not happy about this.” She told him it was like ‘going against her marriage vows.’ She also added that it’s upsetting that her husband has tweeted negative things about her boss. That’s hardly surprising, as he is a frequent critic of Trump himself.

However, the Observer and The Times both claim that George Conway Twitter sources were Matt Drudge and Lori Meyer. Both men have a history with conservative legal circles and were involved in the president’s sexual harassment lawsuit. The two are friends and colleagues in The Times. They share a common concern: The disinformation and spin emanating from the Trump White House. But do they have any real connection?

Washington Politico

If you are a Washington politico, you’ve probably heard about George Conway’s Twitter account. The president’s adviser has been known to be extremely harsh in his criticism of the president. He also has an extremely interesting marriage, as his wife, Kellyanne Conway, works as the president’s counselor. Last year, the Washington Post published a profile of the Conways’ relationship and attempted to analyze her husband’s tweets from a background perspective.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Donald Trump claimed that windmills were “bird graveyards.” Multiple publications have since proven that there is no such connection between windmills and cancer. In light of these reports, George Conway Twitter new bio pokes fun at Trump’s infamous claim. She has repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton, compared her to a “female troll” and mocked Trump’s speech.

President Recent Tweets

George Conway Twitter comments came in the wake of the president’s recent tweets about the Justice Department. He was considered the front-runner for the position but it ultimately went to someone else. Despite the recent tweet about his tweets, he is still widely considered to be an excellent choice to run the civil division of the Department of Justice, the division that defends the Trump administration in court. While Trump has not directly attacked Conway, he has repeatedly criticized the Justice Department.


George Conway Twitter feed was full of criticism, but she did not seem to mind. Her husband has a history of tweeting in opposition to Trump, which has sparked a flurry of comments that are highly political in nature. While Kellyanne Conway has always encouraged her husband to go to law school and become an attorney, she didn’t think that it was enough to achieve his goals. So, the president’s adviser isn’t exactly the person to tweet against him.


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