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There’s no denying that picking up English as a second language unlocks an incredible amount of work, school, and social potential. Today, private online English tutors are available to help you on your journey to language competence. English is spoken by nearly 1.5 billion people, according to It is an unusual language in that most of the speakers are not actually native English speakers; less than 400 million people speak English as a primary language—roughly 5% of the global population, coming in third place behind Spanish (6%) and Mandarin Chinese (12%). 

Depending on your native tongue, English can be a difficult language to pick up later in life. English blends a variety of Germanic, French, and Latin traditions, words, and sounds. Many of its spelling and grammar rules are unintuitive and rife with common exceptions. It is riddled with pronunciation and spelling-based idiosyncrasies that can trip up even native speakers. Descriptive word order is another aspect of English that is intuitively understood by native speakers, but often baffling to those trying to learn English later in life. For example, multiple adjectives must be listed according to opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose—in that order. Most native speakers do this intuitively without ever having learned the formal rule. 

What is the Most Challenging Part About Learning English?

    Depending on your native language, English can be extremely challenging to pick up later in life. However, many people feel that the benefits of knowing English outweigh the challenges of learning it. Still, they will have to wade through a slew of difficulties. Some may even need to learn an entirely new alphabet and learn to write left to right. Certain sounds that exist in English, such as “th” or certain differences between long and short vowels, are difficult for non-native speakers to grasp. Unlike certain other languages, English doesn’t commonly implement more than one negative in a sentence. Plus, those new to the language must learn when and where to use commas, or how “weight” is different from “wait” (and that the “gh” in “weight” is silent!), or how the subject and verb must agree…as well as everything else that comes with learning to speak, read, and write an entirely new language. 

Heteronyms, words with different sounds but identical spelling, are often cited as a point of confusion and frustration by those trying to gain fluency. However, everyone will be challenged by certain facets of English moreso than other facets, which is why private tutoring sessions are ideal for handing you control over the pace and focus of your studies. Plus, native English language tutors can offer insight into the cultural context of the language itself, and tune students’ grasp of English to levels that are difficult to reach without a real, live teacher.

The Benefits of Private, Online English Tutoring

While private online tutors may not be everyone’s first choice when considering English learning aids, there are several reasons why private tutoring is one of the most effective and dynamic ways to acquire mastery of the English language: focus, flexibility, affordability, and accessibility.


    When you elect to enroll in a private tutoring course, you’ll find that it offers you a level of control that is lacking in classroom or group environments. Private tutoring puts the student in the driver’s seat; you are able to work at your own pace on the kinds of things you want and need to prioritize in order to further your learning goals. Your private English tutor will meet you exactly where you are, and allow you to set the pace.


    Private online English sessions are unparalleled in their ability to conform to your schedule. Whether you require early morning or night-time tutoring sessions, there are tutors who are willing and able to meet your scheduling parameters. On websites such as Eurekly, you automatically see the availabilities of all listed tutors.


    College courses and expensive language-learning software can be cost-and-resource prohibitive for many people. Today, there still exists the misconception that private tutoring is exclusively a luxury of the wealthy and privileged; while this may have been true at one point, the advent of technology has begun to level the playing field. Now anyone can reap the benefits of online private English tutoring sessions starting as low as $5 per lesson on 


    No matter where you’re stationed around the globe, so long as you have access to a computer and the internet, private online English lessons are available to you via Eurekly. You don’t have to worry about a local scarcity of English tutors, or missing sessions during travel. 

Where can I Find the Best Private Online English Tutor?

    Websites such as function as hubs through which tutors from all over the world advertise their services. Eurekly’s interface is intuitive and they rigorously vet all of their tutors, meaning that students pick from the cream of the crop when selecting their English tutor. With rates as low as $5 per session, Eurekly’s private online English tutoring sessions are an easy and accessible addition to anyone’s daily life. If you’re interested in taking the next steps to English language mastery, check out today.

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