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What is Christmas clip art?

Christmas clipart is fun pictures. You can use them in art projects, cards, or decorations. These pictures are usually small and simple. They show things we think about at Christmas time. These things include Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and presents.

Why Do People Use Christmas Clip Art?

People use Christmas clip-art for many reasons:

  1. To make Christmas cards look prettier.
  2. To decorate school projects about Christmas.
  3. To add fun pictures to letters to Santa Claus.
  4. To make signs for Christmas events.
  5. To decorate websites or social media posts about Christmas.

Christmas clipart makes things look more festive. It helps people get into the Christmas spirit!

Types of Christmas Clipart

There are many different kinds of Christmas clipart. Here are a few of the most popular types:

  1. Santa Claus clip-art.
  2. Christmas tree clip-art.
  3. Reindeer clip art
  4. Snowman clip-art.
  5. Present and gift clip-art.
  6. Ornament clip art
  7. Candy cane clip-art.
  8. Elf clipart.
  9. Nativity scene clip-art.
  10. Snowflake clip art.

Let’s look at each of these types in more detail.

Santa Claus Clip Art

Santa Claus is one of the most famous Christmas symbols. Santa clipart usually shows a jolly man with:

– A large white beard

– A red hat with a white pom-pom.

– A rounded belly

– Rosy cheeks

Sometimes Santa clipart shows Santa doing different things, like:

– Riding in his sleigh.

– Carrying a sack of toys.


– Checking his list twice.

– Coming down a chimney.

Santa clipart is great for adding a fun and magical touch to Christmas projects.

Christmas Tree Clip Art

Christmas tree clipart shows pictures of decorated trees. These cliparts may have:

– Colorful ornaments

– Twinkling lights.

– Presents underneath

Some Christmas tree clipart shows bare trees, so you can add your own decorations. Other clipart might show trees that are already decorated.

You can use Christmas tree clipart to make virtual Christmas cards. You can also use it to decorate school projects about holiday traditions.

Reindeer Clipart

Reindeer are important in Christmas stories because they pull Santa’s sleigh. Reindeer clipart may show:

– A single reindeer.

– A group of reindeer.

– Reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh.

– Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Some reindeer clipart is realistic, showing what real reindeer look like. Other clipart makes reindeer look cute and cartoon-like.

Reindeer clipart is fun to use. It’s good for writing about Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

Snowman Clipart

Snowmen are a fun part of winter and Christmas. Snowman clipart usually shows:

– A figure made of three big snowballs.

– A carrot-shaped nose

– Coal or button eyes.

– A scarf.

– A hat.

Some snowman clipart might also include:

– Stick arms.

– A broom.

– A pipe.

Snowman clipart is great for decorating winter-themed projects or making cute Christmas cards.

Present and Gift Clip Art

What’s Christmas without presents? Present and gift clipart usually shows:

– Wrapped boxes

– Bows and ribbons.

– Gift bags.

– Tags

This type of clipart comes in many colours and styles. You might see:

– Red and green presents for a traditional look.

– Blue and silver gifts for a winter theme.

– Gold packages for a fancy feel.

The current clipart is great for making wish lists. It’s also good for decorating thank-you notes after Christmas.

Ornament Clipart

Ornaments are the pretty decorations we hang on Christmas trees. Ornament clipart might show:

– Round ball ornaments.

Fancy-shaped ornaments, like stars or angels

– Ornaments with patterns or pictures on them.

– Ornaments in different colours.

Some ornament clipart shows one ornament. Others show a group of ornaments.

This type of clipart is great for making your own virtual Christmas tree or designing gift tags.

Candy Cane Clipart

Candy canes are a sweet part of Christmas. Candy cane clipart usually shows:

– A curved stick of candy

– Red and white stripes.

Sometimes candy cane clipart might also include:

– A bow tied around the candy cane.

– Several candy canes together.

– Candy canes making a heart or other shapes.

Candy cane clipart adds a tasty touch to Christmas projects. It can also decorate pretend menus for Santa.

Elf Clipart

Elves are Santa’s helpers in Christmas stories. Elf clipart often shows:

– Small people with pointed ears.

– Green or red outfits.

– Pointy shoes

– Funny hats.

Elf clipart might show elves doing different things, like:

– Making toys.

– Wrapping gifts

– Riding reindeer.

– Being silly

Elf clipart is fun to use. It’s for writing stories about Santa’s workshop or decorating “Nice List” certificates.

Nativity Scene Clip Art

Nativity scenes show the story of Jesus’s birth. This type of clipart might include:

– Baby Jesus in a manger.

– Mary and Joseph

– Angels

– Shepherds

– Wise men

– Animals like sheep and donkeys.

You can use nativity scene clipart to make Christmas cards. The cards can focus on the religious meaning of Christmas.

Snowflake Clipart

Snowflakes are a beautiful part of winter. Snowflake clipart shows the pretty shapes of snow. It may include:

– Single snowflakes.

– Groups of snowflakes.

– Snowflakes of different sizes

– Simple or complex snowflake designs.

Snowflake clipart is great for adding a wintry touch to any Christmas project.

How to Find Christmas Clipart

There are many ways to find Christmas clip-art.

  1. Search online:

Type “Christmas clipart” into a search engine.

  1. Use clip-art websites.

Some websites are just for clip art.

  1. Check art programmes:

Many computer art programs have clip art built in.

  1. Look in word processing software:

Programs like Microsoft Word often have clip art.

  1. Buy clip-art books.

Some books come with CDs full of clip-art.

  1. Make your own.

You can draw or create your own clip art on a computer.

When looking for clipart, make sure you have permission to use it. Some clipart is free, but some you have to pay for it.


Christmas clipart is a fun and easy way to add holiday cheer to all sorts of projects. From Santa Claus to snowflakes, there are so many types of clipart to choose from. You can find clipart online, in computer programs, or even make your own.

Using Christmas clipart lets you be creative. You can use it to make unique cards, decorations, and more. It’s a great way to express your holiday spirit and share joy with others. It does not matter if you are a kid writing to Santa or a grown-up designing party invitations. Christmas clipart can help make your project special.

Remember to have fun with clipart, but also be respectful of copyright and use it wisely. Many styles and options are available. You’re sure to find perfect Christmas clipart for your project.

So next time you’re doing a Christmas project, think about adding some clipart. It’s an easy way to make things look festive and spread some holiday cheer!

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FAQs about Christmas Clipart

  1. Is all Christmas clipart free to use?

No, not all clipart is free. Some is free, but for others, you need to pay or get permission.

  1. Can I use Christmas clipart for things I sell?

It depends on the clipart. Some allow commercial use, but others are just for personal projects.

  1. How do I make clipart bigger without it getting blurry?

Look for clipart that is “vector” style. This kind can be made bigger without losing quality.

  1. Can I change the colors of the clipart?

Some clipart lets you change colors, especially if it’s black and white. With colored clipart, it’s harder to change.

  1. Is it okay to mix different styles of clip art in one project?

You can, but it might not look as neat. Try to use clip-art that looks similar for the best results.

  1. How do I save the clipart I find online?

Usually, you can right-click on the image and choose “Save as image”. Make sure you have permission first!

  1. Can I use Christmas clipart all year round?

You can, but it might look odd to use Christmas images in the summer. It’s best for winter and holiday projects.

  1. What’s the difference between clipart and emojis?

Clipart is usually bigger and more detailed. Emojis are small symbols used in text messages and online.

  1. Can I make my own clip art and share it online?

Yes! Many people create and share their own clip art. Just be clear about how others can use it.

  1. Do I need special software to use clip art?

Not usually. Most clipart can be used in simple programs like Word or Paint, or even in phone apps.


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