Guide On Trending TikTok Challenges To Boost Your Campaigns

Are you available to click into the trending increase of TikTok challenges? If so, take a look at the TikTok challenges as one of the huge trends on TikTok. The top brands are already using it to accelerate their growth and reach millions of users on the platform. This blog post will outline how TikTok challenges work and how you can use them for your business brands. Also, we will share different TikTok challenges to motivate your upcoming campaigns. 

Sneak-Peek About TikTok Challenges

TikTok challenges can take up any form as it starts to resonate with huge audiences, and it fascinates your audience and makes them want to participate. It can be simple as the #RosesAreRed challenge or more challenging as the #ThePushupChallenge. 

On TikTok, challenges are a unique method that gains your followers to make user-generated content that boosts your brand. When TikTok challenges perform right, it seems to gain traction and expand on the platform. In addition, it is one of the most engaging techniques where you can work on the TikTok platform. As a result, brands can use it to build up brand awareness, make relevant content, and build your TikTok community. 

Moreover, TikTok challenges are data driving by organic and sponsored content that you can look at the branded challenges like Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile challenge and organic content like #LevelUp challenge. So if you are a new brand who looks to get your audience engaged or a creator finding to jump on the upcoming trending TikTok challenges, there are lots to gain from these TikTok challenges!

TikTok: How To Craft A Branded Hashtag Challenge? 

Do you want to build up popularity and promote visibility for your TikTok channel? In that case, start using TikTokLove for your profile, leading to more organic likes and views for your TikTok channel. Along with this, the next significant factor on social media profiles is to use hashtags. Just like Instagram hashtags, the TikTok platform has relevant hashtags that support users to recognize their content. In addition, branded hashtags help connect lots of people with niche communities that build upon the platform. For example, the #KeepingActive hashtags work as an expert for fitness enthusiasts on the social media platform. Moreover, branded hashtags display massive classified content videos on how to exercise within a small space to improve pushup count. Finally, for example, celebrities like Lizzo work on the hype by making organic content for the hashtag. 

Making use of branded hashtags by highlighting your TikTok challenge serves as an ideal plan. First, it makes it simple for TikTok users to share their interest in the trend and participate in the challenge-based content much more straightforward to become visible on the TikTok app. Next, if you like to maximize the reach of your TikTok channel, then buy TikTok likes app, which helps to increase brand awareness and discoverability. 

Also, there’s the option to uplift your challenge to the next level using TikTok ads. Since the branded hashtag challenge ads impact people to think, move, and make an effective result. It is a vital feature for audience engagement and building brand reputation on the platform. For example, the Guess #InMyDenim branded hashtags challenge. By associating with influencers and making on-trend TikTok videos to perform along with the TikTok challenge. Suppose your market with an organic or advertising branded hashtag challenge. In that case, it is essential to consider two factors: what your audience can participate in and why they need to participate in these branded hashtag challenges. 

Step 1: Make A TikTok Challenge

Make sure that your TikTok challenge is simple to perform, entertaining, and significantly popular and accessible for everyone. 

For example, Colgate works on the hashtag #MakeMomSmile in celebration of Mother’s Day. It is a pretty open challenge with the compelling call-to-action for TikTok users to make your mother or mother-figure in your life smile. Suppose it is breakfast in bed or a dance-off challenge. Different brands also opt for the hashtag, along with New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Rockets. 

Step 2: Start To Drive Brand Awareness

To excel brand awareness over your TikTok challenge, try to engage with TikTok’s specific influencers to make an outbreak. For example, by associating with famous creators, you can reach a brand new audience on TikTok by clicking into the creator’s already trusted and engaging fan following. 

Recently, brands like Aerie associated with social media influencers to expand the brand on TikTok. So start to gain brand recognition of their sponsored hashtags #AerieREALPositivity. It asks the audience to share three factors that they are palpable for, following with the best statement they need to share among their followers. 

Pro Tip: Do you want to boost up the engagement rate for your TikTok challenge on your channel? If so, start to use TikTokLove, which brings video likes, views, and followers at instant speed. 

Real-Time Examples Of TikTok Challenge

  • Chipotle’s Guac Challenge
  • Album Cover Challenge
  • DJ At Home Challenge
  • Pass The Brush Challenge
  • I’m Just A Kid Challenge


The TikTok challenge serves as the right opportunity for your brand to reach among your new audiences, build your brand awareness and get people to make funny content. Suppose you select to start an original TikTok challenge or use a branded tweak on an existing trend on TikTok. There is no better option than to work and begin growing your brand on several popular social media platforms. 

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