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Here’s why Yeezys are so popular and worth every penny

The Yeezy 500 salt have been hot property ever since their launch, 5 years ago in 2015. 6 years since their initial launch, they still continue to be very hot property and every time they are put up for sale, they get sold during minutes. Many Yeezy 500 salt are resold for around 10-times their original price on sites like eBay. Over the past couple of years, the Yeezy 500 salt have garnered a cult-like following. On different social media platforms there are different fan pages that are dedicated to Yeezy 500 salt and the other Yeezy shoes. The Yeezy have a cult-like following and they are always worth the hype. 

Why do people pay top-dollar for Yeezys despite them being overpriced?

For many people the Yeezys are surely overpriced but people still don’t mind paying top-dollar for them because of the exclusive ‘status’ and ‘tag’ that is attached to them. The Yeezys can turn heads almost anywhere and they can get people a lot of compliments which makes investing in Yeezys so much worthwhile. 

What makes Yeezys better than all the other shoes out there?

The Yeezys are better than all the other shoes out there because the level of detailing that goes into them is highly immaculate. All pairs of the Yeezys are masterfully crafted with excellent exteriors. Further, the various colors that weave in and out give the Yeezys a design to cherish for a lifetime. The Yeezys are very comfortable. Comfort is again one of the main things why people choose to pay top-dollar for the Yeezys. The Yeezys have very soft inner padding and they have innersoles that are trademarked and this makes people feel as if they are walking on literal clouds. 

What makes style one of the most important factors associated with the Yeezys?

Style is another important factor associated with the Yeezys. The Yeezys like Yeezy 500 salt can turn heads at almost any point and they look good with almost anything right from jeans to sweatpants, to just anything under the sun. People who tend to pay top-dollar for Yeezy 500 salt are often afraid of wearing them outside because they don’t want to scuffle them and they want the Yeezys to remain in top-class condition at all times. 

What does the resale price of the Yeezys depend on?

The resale price of the Yeezys actually depends on lot of factors right from the color to the version of the Yeezy that one might be looking for. In the resale market, the Yeezys aren’t cheap and you won’t get them for anything under $600. The launch of the new Yeezys means that many people are sitting in online waiting rooms waiting for the new shoes to get dropped on official websites of Adidas, Foot Locker and Champs.

The Bottom Line

The Yeezys are expensive because Adidas makes a very limited stock of such shoes for their potential buyers. Only a couple of thousand of Yeezys are launched and this means that the supply takes a beating when the shoe is in demand. If and when this happens then sellers take this is an opportunity to increase the price of the Yeezys and thus the price keeps on increasing right from sellers to retailers. At the time the product reaches the customer, the price of the same becomes very high. When measured along benchmarks of quality, accuracy, communication, shipping as well as satisfaction, the yeezys provide top-class performance, second to none.

 For some people the prices of the Yeezys are justified because they are a very limited release sneaker line that is not just stylish but also super comfortable. People should always try to buy the shoes at retail price even if it means being online at a certain time or at a store or at a certain time. This is because if you are not able to get the Yeezys on retail then you will need to go through resale and this means that the price can easily double and even quadruple. That was everything you needed to know about the Yeezys, a little pricey but worthy every single penny you spend on them.

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