Hot Summer? Here Are 15 Refreshing Desserts to Try!

Summer is the best time to have a relaxing vacation and beat the summer heat by going to our favorite beaches. But did you know that summer is also when you can shop for the freshest farm fruits like strawberries, peaches, and blueberries that are perfect for your treasured dessert? Yes. And these farm-fresh fruits are great for desserts such as fruit pies, frozen yogurt, and many more that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

And if you are looking for a list of the most sought-after and easy-to-prepare desserts this summertime, we are here to show you the list of fancy desserts you must try before this exciting season ends.

Summertime Fruit Pies

1. Blueberry Pie with Lattice Top

One of the crowd favorites in summer family events, this blueberry pie with a lattice top is an easy-to-do recipe for any age to make. Using freshly harvested blueberries will make your pie the best dessert you can share with your family.

2. Freshly Baked Strawberry Pie

This freshly baked strawberry pie will melt in your mouth with every bite. The farm-fresh strawberries used in this recipe will make this dessert taste juicier and undeniably delicious for everyone who loves to eat pies. One of the best summer dessert ideas, you and your friend will surely enjoy this great-tasting pie.

3. Classic Apple Pie

One of the classic pie recipes we inherited from our ancestors, apple pie never gets old. Who would not enjoy a slice of freshly cooked dessert on the table? This all-time favorite pie boasted sweet and aromatic filling, wrapped with a soft and crunchy crust. It’s a portion of delightful comfort food that adults and kids will surely love.

Frozen Treats

4. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Want a refreshing dessert that you and your kids can enjoy to beat the summer heat? Try this frozen strawberry yogurt at your home. This delicious, revitalizing, and healthy treat can be made easily made by you and your kids with its simple ingredients and easy-to-do recipe. Making this with your kids will not only give you a great dessert but also a great bonding time.

5. No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

Want to make a great-tasting cake without the troubles of baking? Now, this is the time to try the no-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe. Made with crackers as its crust and topped with no-bake cheesecake filling and a homemade blueberry jam, this freezer-chilled cake will delight your hot

Sunday afternoon.

6. Strawberry Popsicles

This homemade strawberry popsicle is a great and refreshing summertime treat for kids and kids-at-heart adults just like you. This dessert is easy to make. It’s a healthy treat whenever you want to chill out and breathe in this hot summer weather.

7. No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

You can prepare this smooth and creamy dessert without the service of an ice cream maker and using whip cream and condensed milk instead. This no-churn vanilla ice with strawberry jam and topped with nuts is an excellent snack for people who crave a cold dessert this summer.

8. Refreshing Mango Sago

Mango sago is a popular recipe that originated in Asia. Mango sago is a fruity, sweet, and creamy pudding dessert that is a heavy favorite in a tropical country that has hot summer weather. This cold dessert will give you a refreshed feeling and satisfaction.

9. Strawberries and Cream Popsicle

Another cold dessert on this list is a strawberry and

cream popsicle. This healthy treat can be your go-to dessert whenever you want

to make an easy and non-preservative dessert for your child and family. The main ingredients of this recipe are fresh fruits and greek yogurt.

Summer Baked Goods

10. Lemon Blueberry Bread

Lemon blueberry bread is soft, delicious, and quick to prepare. A pastry loaded with newly harvested blueberries and lemon, this is a simple and scrumptious loaf to bake, especially in a hot summer season. You can enjoy and serve this hot and fresh or even save it for the other day. A delectable dessert with minimal effort.

11. Blueberry Buckle Cake

The Blueberry buckle cake is a soft and moist loaf stuffed with many fresh blueberries. It has crunchy, sweet, and buttery toppings that make the bread more delicious. A perfect pair of a cup of brewed coffee, this baked dessert is best consumed hot and oven-fresh.

12. Carrot Cake

A carrot cake with a moist and flavorful taste could be a delightful summer dessert that you can prepare for your family. This homemade carrot cake is also a perfect celebratory dessert for any occasion. This is a healthy and guilt-free dessert that can be easily prepared and loved by everyone.  

13. Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

The vanilla yogurt in this blueberry yogurt muffin makes it more tender and moist. It is easy and quick to prepare and perfect as an exceptional summer dessert. It is also perfect as a breakfast meal or a partner for a delicious cup of coffee. 

14. Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

How to make your bread to the next level? Bake a blue cinnamon roll! This soft and fluffy roll of bread, filled with cinnamon sugar and fresh blueberries, is one of the best baked treats on this list. This is an exceptional summer version of the classic cinnamon rolls we always want. 

15. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

A delicious and rich-in flavor truffle might be the perfect dessert for you this summer. These dark chocolate raspberry truffles with creamy chocolate and appetizing raspberry filling that are rolled in cocoa powder are the perfect combination that goes so well together.

Final Thoughts

With these 15 desserts, we hope that you can enjoy your summer and satisfy your cravings for a sweet and indulging treat that you and your family could share. Level up your summer experience with this good-tasting dessert, and enjoy this summer season with this easy-to-make dessert that everyone would surely love. If you want to know more exciting and delicious recipes, you can check out for more.


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