How a CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry Helps

You may already know this, but to reiterate the fact – a good CRM makes a positive impact on customer satisfaction and improves sales. This inevitably leads to business growth. If you are finding it difficult to make your mind up about whether to use a CRM, reading this should help.

Not too long ago, Seeking Alpha reported that the CRM market has the potential to grow by approximately $82 billion by 2025. You can expect to see an annual growth of as much as 12% per year. Moreover, the report suggested that the market growth will remain steady until 2034 and then has the potential to grow further to $228 billion. 

Based on these facts, there is a huge chance for your pharmaceutical company to be more successful at customer management and improving customer loyalty with the right CRM tools.
To help you make your mind, below are some details worth mentioning.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” A CRM is a software or tool that enables you to interact with and manage your customers more effectively and efficiently. 

What are the objectives of a CRM?

In the pharmaceutical industry, using software offers you the following conveniences:

  • Streamlined operational processes
  • Improved business relationships
  • Better customer management 
  • Increased customer loyalty due to better support
  • Increased productivity in the team
  • Boost in profitability

3 Benefits of Pharma CRM 

Although there are many other benefits of using a CRM in the pharmaceutical industry, here are a few of our best picks. 

#1 Automated and Hassle-free processes 

We live in times where everything moves too fast. There is never enough time, and so using a CRM with automated processes helps save time and stress. It can automate lead assignments intelligently to help sales representatives manage and respond to queries fast. With a unified database you can manage the product database for reference and managing pricing. 

Additionally, users can tag specific group of customers and target better. CRM imsights provide adequate data that is useful for the marketing and sales team in making decisions. 

#2 Easy Integration

One important feature of a good CRM is easy integration with the industry database. One of the biggest challenges for most pharmaceutical companies is the transition from a non-CRM system to a CRM-based one. It requires a proper IT infrastructure and compatibility with a different tool used in the present age. Pharma CRM solution makes it easy to integrate data from multiple places such as Pharmacy Information System , Laboratory Information System etc. When data is available in one place it gives instant access to data, thus leading towards wise decision making without wasting time. 

#3 Increased Sales and Efficiency 

Once the integration is complete, the tools in the CRM allow users to access all the data needed to make informed decisions for better sales and marketing. It tells all you need to know about the customer’s journey from the initiation step to conversion. The data collected and the transparency the CRM provides helps the marketing team make the necessary strategic changes to boost sales. 

#4 Activity Tracking

One of the most important requirements for success in the pharmaceutical industry is activity tracking. It helps the sales teamwork to work proactively and make informed decisions through early recognition of a lead with a higher potential to convert. It helps manage form submissions, documentation, in-house team activities, and the customer’s journey.

Time to Opt a CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry 

To wrap it up, there will be a time when every other pharmaceutical business will depend on a CRM. Salesdoor Pharma CRM solution helps you establish a strong and lasting relationship with your customers. You can handle inside sale and outside sales seamlessly. 

According to numerous pharmaceutical companies that have turned to Salesdoor CRM system, it makes managing contacts, sales, marketing processes, and various other processes easier to handle. The sooner you adopt this new platform, the better the chances for your business growth. 

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