How Athena EHR Software Has The Best Patient Portal?

Electronic health records include vital elements that can help run a more effective healthcare practice. However, some outdo others due to favorable feedback and advanced functions. After completing extensive research, we discovered athena EHR  to be the best amongst all medical software. Its unique EMR provides you with the ideal opportunity to improve your practice while staying under your budget. Below, the article delves into all of its functions in depth.

A Brief Outline of athenahealth EHR

Athena EHR has a comprehensive set of capabilities like patient charts, a scheduling system, telehealth, e-prescription, and medical billing. The collaborative approach to practice management and clinical reporting that athenaOne takes sets it apart from other medical solutions. The most helpful feature discussed in athena EHR reviews is the patient portal and its usability. You can assess its features by using the athena EHR demo, which you can find on their webpage. Here is the list of athena ehr functions.

Patient Portal

Athena EHR‘s patient portal provides a user-friendly interface to help patients access their medical data 24/7. It creates individual accounts for them, through which they can request appointments and prescription refills. It also has input forms that patients can complete before their consultation to update their medical details and make the treatment more effective.

Also, you can message patients without worrying about data security and alert them with reminders via its HIPAA-compliant messaging feature. Moreover, it promotes patient awareness, allowing you to share educational materials with patients. You can also use your medical practice’s logo for the branding of the patient portal. 

Appointment Schedule

athenaClinicals makes scheduling patient visits easier by allowing you to view your scheduled patient visits by days, weeks, and months. In addition, you can see your open slots at a glance, allowing you to arrange appointments quickly. To simplify the experience further, you get the summary of all necessary appointment details once you go to the appointment tab. For example, you can view the patient’s picture and personal data and the appointment status and kind. 

The athena EHR also features low-cost capabilities that you can use to determine how many scheduled patients are waiting for their appointment at your clinic. It aids in detecting flaws that can reduce the quality of patient treatment. Furthermore, you can schedule recurring patient appointments via email, phone, or text without entering the patient details again.

Take Notes About Patients

AthenaClinicals enables you to create patient notes highlighting their progress, instantly add them to their patient charts online, and check stored data simultaneously. You can, for example, look into the patients’ allergies, vital signs, and medication history to assist you in making the best decision regarding their treatment. 

You can also utilize the custom templates and audio recording feature to automate patient notes. Using the offered templates aids in the organization of vital information. Furthermore, you have the authority to control who can see the changes you make to the templates. athena EHR demo includes this functionality.

Functions for Billing

The main goal of athena EHR is to increase your revenues. It excels at scrubbing claims, having a record of finishing it within eight seconds. Also, claims are processed in three days at most. Furthermore, athena streamlines billing by requiring patients to enter their insurance information immediately after registering for the appointment.

Besides, it is up to you whether you want to charge patients for the cost of your services online or on-site using athena EHR. Plus, you need to engage a medical biller to handle expenses and do coding.


Telemedicine services are a part of the athena EHR pricing bundle. Since it is interconnected into the EMR, you can use the same software to manage virtual sessions. Furthermore, patients can participate in digital appointments using any device they have. No additional software is required. Finally, athenahealth can connect all of your telemedicine functions to the EHR, facilitating the timely payment collection of patients.

Comprehensive Reports 

athena EHR allows you to study extremely tailored reports on weekly and monthly clinical performance, which provide significant insights to users in reviews. It contains a dashboard that displays your monthly collections and high-profile patients. In addition, you can set the option to access customized reports at intervals and transmit them to multiple recipients’ email inboxes.

Moreover, the reporting tool contrasts your clinic’s data with athenaNet to assess your financial status. If it needs to be improved, the athenahealth firm will consult you on boosting your profits and give expert suggestions. 

Athena EHR Pricing 

The pricing for the athena EHR software primarily depends upon the list of required features. The optimal way to get a sense of which features your practice needs is by watching the athena EHR demo. After this, you can ask for a custom price quote from the EHR vendor. 

However, it is widely known that athena electronic medical records cost approximately $140 per month for each provider. Besides, you have to hand over a specific proportion of your monthly collections if you want athena’s billing features. The fixed quota is about 4% to 8%. 

Athena EHR Reviews 

athena EMR has majorly favorable feedback from users. They find it very useful how athena’s interface is so user-friendly. Also, they can apply filters of their choice to reports, thus increasing readability. Furthermore, it efficiently detects performance patterns and allows you to prescribe medications online quickly. Lastly, the software is frequently updated to improve the user experience.

However, users do not like hiring a medical biller even when paying for the software’s revenue cycle management services. Also, a few users found the initial learning to be a little challenging, but they soon learned how to navigate the software with practice. 

Our Thoughts 

Every EHR has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you have to determine whether the usefulness of athena software outweighs the costs for you. We propose creating a bullet point list of what your practice requires to make things simple. Then, you can determine whether athena EHR functions can assist you in meeting them. In addition, you can also check the athena EHR demo and its reviews to help you make a decision.

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