How can 9/11 victims get compensation for their loss?

9/11 was an incident that moved the world. Even after years and years, the after effects of this incident
are visible in the victims who survived through it. Whether it is trauma or a physical disability or a loved
one’s loss; 9/11 hurt endless people in horrendous ways. Where nothing in the world can compensate for
their loss, it is wonderful to see how Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP is still working to bring some
compensation for the survivors. Even if it is really little; it can still make a difference to know that
someone in the world remembers your pain and you are not alone in the agony.
If you have been close to the law of the United States, you might know that the congress formed a Victim
Compensation Fund for the 9/11 victims and their families. This fund focuses on compensating the
survivors or the families of the people who lost their life to this horrific incident. 9/11 caused many
medical issues in the people who were present there. As they breathed in the toxic debris that was
present in that air, it caused issues like cancer and aerodigestive disorders in them. Many youngsters who
were present there, have reported to have developed cancer after a few years of the incident. The process
was gradual but it did a lot of harm to them internally.
Thus, if you are a 9/11 victim and you are facing medical problems like the following, then you can apply
for the compensation fund and receive an amount that will help you manage your medical expenses:
● Sleep apnea
● Cancer
● Aerodigestive disorder
● Obstructive airway problems
● Interstitial Lung disease
● Musculoskeletal disorders
● Upper airway inflammatory disorders
● Gastroesophageal reflux disorder
Majority of the victims haven’t been able to recover from these medical issues after 9/11. They are paying
for the medical expenses that come along their way to manage their health and live as long as they can.
However, the list has a lot more diseases listed and you can check the official website of the US congress
to check which illnesses can be compensated if you are a 9/11 victim.
Most importantly, you cannot just get the fund by stating that you were a victim. The victim has to be
present in the 9/11 location at that exact date and time and for a specific amount of time to be
considered viable for this fund. This is because if you were able to especie the location before the
incident happened or within 2 minutes of the situation; it wasn’t long enough to have an internal medical
problem. The rest will be investigated by the law departments to ensure that you are a 9/11 victim.
If you want to make a claim and want help in the case, then Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP will help you
manage the procedure efficiently.

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