How can I prepare for NMAT without coaching?

NMIMS Management Admission Test or NMAT is a private management exam held by the Graduate Management Admission Council for NMIMS Institute as well as other colleges. NMAT is a student-friendly examination as it conducts the exam 3 times a year which can help students to improve their scores on each take. The paper pattern is divided into three sections – Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. The paper is similar to CAT in terms of the syllabus; however, the difficulty level may vary.

It is indeed possible to prepare for NMAT without coaching but you should know a few basic things before you start preparing for NMAT. These key pointers can help you prepare for NMAT without any classes. 

Knowing the Syllabus and Paper Pattern

It is the first and the most important step to start with your preparation for NMAT. Many students make mistakes in understanding the paper pattern and the time management aspects, which can cost them the exam. Likewise, understanding the NMAT syllabus can help you prepare for important topics and accelerate your NMAT journey. You can refer to the NMAT official guidelines and understand the exam better. 

Strengthening Fundamentals

Any exam requires you to have your basics in place. This also goes for NMAT preparation. If you have weak fundamentals, It will not help you in future stages of your preparation. Calculation basics and tricks should be learned as well as tables, formulas and other things should be learned first before starting your preparation. For Language skills, reading newspapers or books can cultivate a reading habit, which can help speed up reading skills and improve your vocab. 

Using Right Self Study material

A proper Study Material is required for every student preparing for the NMAT exam. There are various NMAT entrance books and ebooks available in the market. Students should choose the correct books for their preparation. Choosing books that have the right amount of questions with a lot of variety in question type is ideal for the exam. Referring lot of books can also hamper your performance; hence, stick to books or notes from a particular author. You can also opt for ebooks and other worksheets if you wish, which can help in your preparation process. The study material must have enough variety that can prepare all types of questions for the exam.

Define Weak and Strong Topics

During your preparation, you will come across your weak and strong areas across different subjects and topics. This is where you should set up a schedule and personalize your preparation based on your strong and weak areas. Identifying weaker areas is crucial as it will help you know which topics you are weaker at. Therefore, strengthening those topics by focusing on them more. Also, it will help in revising your stronger topics, ensuring you don’t lose marks in those topics. Weaker topics can be improved by creating topic-wise test and preparation strategies. 

Mocks to gauge your performance.

NMAT Mock tests are the defining step to judge your preparation. Mocks provide a realistic exam scenario that will help you improve your scores. Mocks from BYJU’S Exam Prep can help you manage your time in the exam. Likewise, the mocks are made very similar to the official previous years’ NMAT papers; hence it can show your readiness in the NMAT exam. Also, It can show which areas require more practice and which areas you are good at. These mocks are also taken by other students, which can help you get the feel of the competition and compare your scores. You must analyze each mock test to learn from your mistakes and before you attempt another mock. A student should attempt a minimum of 10-15 full-length mocks for the NMAT examinations.

Solving Previous Years Question Papers

A student must solve the previous year’s question papers to know the difficulty level of the paper. NMAT exam is known to change their difficulty level each year. Hence, solving Previous papers can help know the types of questions that appeared in previous editions of the exam and the types of questions that can be expected. Solving previous year question papers is also a good practice aiding in improving your knowledge and ability to solve questions that appeared in the examination.

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