How can schools and offices intensify their COVID-19 attendance checking means with QR codes?

The Covid-19 outbreak has significantly impacted most operations of all industries worldwide. A lot of establishments and offices ceased their operations in the meantime as adherence to strict protocols to prevent the virus from spreading. As the restrictions on businesses’ ability to operate remain, they are gradually losing earnings, and as a result, firms are seeking for alternatives to resume operations.

Since establishments are only allowed to operate with limited people and lesser contacts, the use of QR codes appears to be the best solution.  This QR code technology gives hope in most industries. 

In this time of the pandemic, the education sector is one of the most hit industries while few offices continue to operate with limited people and strict compliance to health protocols.  Attendance checking is one of the challenges schools and offices are now facing. 

Healthcare personnel have required them to promote contactless ways to get attendance. By integrating the use of an advanced QR code generator online to create their contactless attendance checking system, schools and offices are now confident to seamlessly intensify their attendance checking means. 

Learn how schools and offices intensify their attendance checking means with QR codes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Intensifying Attendance Checking System with QR Codes

To make their attendance system possible with QR codes, schools and offices need to know how to use these three important tools; Google Sheets, Google Forms, and QR code generator. 

Use Google sheets to create an attendance list

To start creating your students’ and employees’ QR code attendance, you must first create an online list of their names. Using Google Sheets would be ideal in creating an attendance list. This tool is Google’s counterpart of Microsoft Excel. 

To begin developing your list, open Google Drive and create a new folder for your Institution’s attendance master list.  Use the first three columns of the Google Sheets file to write your pupils’ or workers’ complete names, and label the fourth column as a URL.  You will utilize Google Forms to gather the URLs of your students or workers for the URL column. To do so, navigate to the Tools menu and then to the Create a Form tab.

Use Google forms to create links

In your Google Sheets, copy and paste the data from the Full Name column into the settings tab. Then click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the console and then click the get pre-filled link section. Once a new tab opens, choose the first option and click on the obtain link button to produce your link, which you should then copy and paste into the URL column of your Google Sheet file.

Open an online QR code generator to embed your attendance file into QR codes

After creating your attendance list, you may now proceed in generating QR codes. Since you’ll need to embed each URL into QR codes, the use of a bulk feature would be a perfect solution. This feature allows you to upload a CSV file with your links and generate QR Codes in bulk. 

Seamlessly follow the steps below in generating QR codes in bulk for your attendance:

1. Sign up for an account in a QR code generator with logo online.

2. Download the CSV file in the Bulk QR tab.

3. Fill in the CSV file with the pre-filled links from your Google Sheet, set the URL as QR Category. 

4. Upload the CSV file and start generating QR codes. 

5. Customize your QR code design, you can add a logo for your school or office.

6. Download an SVG format of the QR codes in bulk. 


With the integration of QR codes in their attendance checking system, schools and offices are now able to comply with the strict health protocols implemented by the government and start their operation again safely.  There are schools in the US that are already allowed to conduct face-to-face classes. On the other hand,  the government increases the capacity of people allowed to work in offices.

QR code technology is now becoming an excellent tool in most industries. This tool offers many opportunities in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic era.

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