How Can You Fake Your Death | Here’s How People Commit Pseudocide

Pseudocide is the act of faking one’s own death. It is often done in order to perpetrate fraud. Some individuals stage suicides, leaving a suicide note and then departing to start a new life somewhere else. Can you fake your death? Yes! A faked death happens when someone leaves evidence indicating that he or she is deceased in order to deceive others. This might be done for a number of reasons, such as to collect insurance money falsely or to evade arrest by police authorities for another crime.

In your mind you might be having a query that “can you fake your death”. Here are some of the ways we have observed that people adopt for doing so.

Disappearing Completely

  1. You need to decide whether or not you want to do this

Faking your demise is a crime in almost every country. Is a death-fake truly necessary in your case? Is it possible for you to leave? Are you exaggerating the situation? What other options do you have? Faking your own death may be the only way to start again or leave, so only do it if you have no other options available.

Be aware of the ramifications of making a fictitious death. Friends and family members won’t be able to reach you during this time. The chances are that if you tell them, they’ll either call the cops or turn on you. If you must tell anybody, look for a buddy who won’t rat you out to the authorities, your family, or the broader public for any reason.

  1. Stop using anything traceable

After you’ve faked your own death, you can no longer access your previous email accounts, memberships, phones, or other personal information. This is the most difficult of all the details to iron out prior to the actual deed.

Make modest withdrawals from a bank account leading up to your false death, and leave items like credit cards and other documentation behind. It may raise suspicion if it is fully wiped clean. In an emergency, however, pull out as much as possible, but leave a little bit behind to dispel suspicion of authorities.

  1. Watch out for little things

Preventing yourself from behaving suspiciously in advance. Don’t use your own laptop, computer or cellphone after you leave; these devices may be used to track your movements after you’re gone. In addition, others may notice that they are absent.

  1. Decide on a death method.

The most straightforward option is suicide. In spite of the fact that it may be difficult for loved ones to accept, innocent individuals will not be accused of your “murder” if you commit yourself. When someone has committed suicide, the investigation is less likely to focus on surveillance video and other private information since they know you have “killed” yourself rather than just dissappeared.

A third option is to “disappear at sea,” Faking your death as “lost at sea” is legal in most coastal jurisdictions. In the event that you have been lost at sea for a period of at least six days and have not been in contact with anybody, you will be ruled dead. Even though this strategy may be challenging, it may be less distressing to people you care about than suicide. The chances of you being held accountable in your new life may also be reduced if you do this.

  1. Do it.

Before you depart, put a note in the ground saying “suicide.” Get as far away from the city as you can and create a new identity for yourself. Allow yourself to be liberated.

Starting a New Life

  1. Eliminate all contacts 

People who fake their own deaths often make the mistake of cashing in on the insurance money they had anticipated to get or receiving a speeding ticket. You must entirely vanish if you aspire to get away with your crime.

Start by hiding away for a few weeks at a cheap flophouse hotel in the immediate area to avoid detection. While the cops give up looking for you, stock up on food and hide out in front of detective series on TV. Don’t go out until you’re well disguised.

  1. Develop an alternate identity

Now, what kind of person would you like to be? The old you is no longer there to guide your steps. To work on automobiles in Australia instead of inheriting his family’s tuna cannery in South Carolina, a charming poet and gambler from South Carolina made the decision. A bartender from a tiny village forced to go to the glittering lights of Los Angeles? Once you’ve decided on the person you want to be, go to work:

  1. Your new name. Learn how to speak and sign your new name before presenting yourself to the world! Make it spectacular. Is that Jackson Saint-Bloodrock? I’m glad to have met you.
  2. Your new style. How to portray yourself? Get clothing that is distinct from your prior style of dressing and that will hide the new you from those who know you well. To avoid being seen by your mother, dress in a manner that allows you to stroll right by her. Change your appearance by growing a beard, shaving your head, dyeing your hair a new color, or embracing leather.
  3. Make a fake ID.

Having established your new identity and utilizing it to introduce yourself as Horace McGillicutty, discover or contemplate making phony papers that allow you to start a new life.

  1. Go somewhere where you are unknown

Consider taking a bus or hitchhiking your way to an unfamiliar location instead of accepting the risk of flying and risking your life.

  1. Work under the table.

Keeping a low profile and moving often will save you from having to pay taxes. Migrant workers, agricultural labor, or other contract employment that is easier to get away with may be an option for you. Detasseling and fruit harvesting in Indiana and Georgia may be profitable as well as mushrooms in Oregon or California. Make your way around and take in the sights.

  1. Lay low.

It’s probably a bad idea to become a public figure. Set your sights on an isolated existence in which you interact with others sparingly and keep a mystery mist around your body. The moment has come for you to move on from folks who are becoming too close to you.

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