How Do You Find The Professional Penetration Testing Provider

For a number of reasons, a company will need to look for the quality Penetration Testing Provider. After all, having a secured information system is compulsory to secure sensitive business and consumer data because a single data breach can harm your company way more than one can imagine. Even having a deal with another reputed company sometimes require you to perform pen testing to make sure the security system is working fine because they will not want to deal with a business with low security that can be a major target for data breach and cyber-attacks. Now the problem is, how do you find professional Penetration Testing Services to get the right pentest to assess the security system. Here is what do you need to know about.

Get The Reference

We all have some kind of network in the offices, in our daily life where we meet friends and friends of friends and colleagues. However, your network around you can be very helpful to find the accurate Penetration Testing Provider. A business network can even be more helpful in finding the best pen testing service such as linked in which is a famous cop rate social media. You can find plenty of profiles of pen testing companies and they can be very helpful in finding and evaluate the companies according to their rating, positive reviews, and feedback. So use the professional network.

Do a Thorough Research

One of the most overlooked aspects of finding the best pen testing company is that organizations don’t care about doing although research about the companies they are about to hire. Pen testing is a sensitive procedure and you are kind of exposing the most sensitive information of your business and clients to a company with your consent. If a penetration testing company or employee intentionally messes with this, your organization’s reputation will be a risk. Take your time and do thorough research about the company’s reputation, its methodology, and reports they generate after the test. This will give you a better idea about how well the Penetration Test company is working for the organization with professionalism before you sign a contract.

How Experienced They Are?

A Pentesting Company that is in the field for quite years is a good indicator but not always a good way of selecting the company and not only for pen testing but for any service you are looking for. New companies may have the latest knowledge and methodologies to perform Pen Testing but they might be lacking the experience to understand a company’s system and the way of working of in-house security professionals. If you want to hire the right Penetration Testing experts then look for a company with years of experience along with the updated knowledge and tools to perform better Penetration Test.

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