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How does insomnia affect your life?

Insomnia is a silent killer. There is no doubt that it can affect your body in several ways. The problem with insomnia is that it does affect your body in more than one number of ways and brings about a host of problems. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the different problems you have to deal with due to insomnia. Let us find out how exactly insomnia can cause health problems in a multitude of ways. 

Remember one thing that insomnia is not like any viral infection or fever that you have in one day. It gradually occurs and crops up as a major disorder and eventually, the results can be fateful.

Of course, the way we all know insomnia is that it brings about problems in having sleep, and the day after that is in the morning you are suffering from severe drowsiness, hallucinations, headache, and sleepiness. 

But this is one of the least of your worries. Morning time which is often a highly productive time in most of our lives can be affected due to insomnia and one of the best ways to deal with this is to take pills like Modafresh 200.   

But there are other more severe problems as mentioned below that you might have to deal with.  

Insomnia and mental problems

Mental problems like depression, anxiety, and severe stress may crop up as a result of insomnia. The actual relationship works both ways. The said psychological problems can also trigger insomnia and vice versa. 

It is indeed true based on the evidence of research and experiments conducted not once or twice but several times by scientists. It is indeed proven that if you are already dealing with insomnia and sleep problems you are more prone to suffering from psychological problems such as anxiety, depression severe stress. 

Chronic insomnia which is one of the highly severe problems can be the result of some stress, anxiety such as loss of job, business shutdown, or loss of a dear one. 

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The relation between insomnia and psychological problems can be expressed in the following way-

You see when you don’t have sleep your brain cells just overwork. But with a normal person having comfortable sleep at night the things are different. Here the brain cells get time to rest during the night. Although brain cells never ‘sleep’ but during the night time they work at a much slower rate. 

Scientists have also found evidence that sleeping peacefully at night allows the damaged brain cells to get replenished with new ones more effectively and faster. 

Insomnia and heart problems

One of the most common problems of not sleeping at night is having to deal with heart problems. Yes, based on data from several types of research it has been found that patients who don’t have comforting 8 hours of sleep at night are more prone to heart attacks and strokes. 

Different other problems can crop up in the heart such as high blood pressure. Overworking of the cardiac muscles means that they tend to get fatigued faster and this results in the slow pumping of oxygenated blood. 

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Insomnia and gastrointestinal problems

Lack of sleep also does not let your digestive system work in the optimum condition. Doctors have on several occasions found that your digestive system will work late at night even when you are asleep working to digest the food. 

The digestion of food is a complex process and based on your sleeping habits your digestive system is also working to conduct some digestive functions at night post-sleep. But for a person suffering from insomnia, these normal functions might be affected. 

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Insomnia and immune system problems

Sleep is necessary for your immune system to keep working under optimum conditions. It is recommended that if you want to keep your immune system working properly then sleep for at least 6-7 hours or even more daily.

During sleep time your body is replenishing the T-cells or the white blood cells that are almost the entire part of your immune system. Unfortunately over time in patients suffering from insomnia, all this might be affected. 

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Insomnia and obesity

Sleep helps complex compounds in food items to break down into simpler substances that can be absorbed by the cells in the intestines. But unfortunately, those suffering from insomnia might face problems in this complex process of digestion. 

As a result of this the complex trans fats do not break down and they get deposited in your body in the form of adipose tissues causing obesity over the term. 

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