How Many Miles Is Good for a Used Tesla?

With the advancement in technology and more to come in the future, humans have been achieving great advancement too. The all-feature electric car which costs you a fortune is one of the best examples of human advancement.

Tesla is an expensive car that every human would want to ride. This car costs you a fortune but it comes with a lot of ways to keep your life comfortable. As it is an electric car, you’ll be able to save nature and also enjoy the features of one of the most expensive cars in the world.

When looking to purchase a used Tesla, be sure to check the history report. You will want to look at things such as the mileage, maintenance, and service records. It will help you understand how the car has been treated. The information you get from the report will help you to make a decision.

A brand new tesla can cost you a fortune. But, if you are someone looking to buy a used Tesla, you have come to the right place. A lot of people might wonder how many miles would be a good deal for a used Tesla. Here, we cover all your questions.

Miles matter in any car. Whether it be a Tesla or a second-hand random car that you want to buy. The more miles you use the car for, it gets old, the condition gets deteriorated. For a Tesla, its battery is mainly the concern when talking about miles.

How many Miles are Too Many Miles?

On average, people use their car for 12000 miles a year. Tesla mainly operates on batteries and the more miles it runs the batteries get weak. There might be questions like why to care if you can charge it anyway. But, the thing is, old batteries are only going to give you pain in the long run.

Tesla with a history of 500,000 miles or more can be considered a bad buy. But if the car is well maintained and serviced, we can consider buying it as well.  Tesla which has run 500,000 miles will certainly have drained batteries.

Anything above 500,000 miles is bad to buy for a second-hand Tesla. But, if the batteries are replaced and serviced properly, you can also buy the car, only if other standards meet your requirement.

Since mileage is not a problem in a second-hand car, the engine should also be considered and all the wirings of the car should be properly in order and connected as required.

What other than Miles?

If you have decided to buy a Tesla, make sure to check all the parts and components of the system. Thoroughly and professionally check the parts and working of the vehicle. Hiring a professional engineer to evaluate the cost before buying can be the best option.

Also always check the condition of the wheels, the control system, and the software of the car. Tesla is a big investment and a tesla without replaced batteries and which has run over 500,000 miles should not be bought.

So, make sure to do all the quality and safety checks before buying your Tesla. Knowing the reason for the previous owner to change the car can help you know the machine more closely. Doing this can save you a lot of time and money.


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