How mobile apps have transformed the restaurant and home delivery industry

From booking airline tickets to ordering lunch, mobile apps have become vital elements in almost every industry. As a result, the world has been getting smaller and smaller until it fits in the palm of our hand. 

Mobile Apps – Transforming the catering and home delivery sector!

According to a Statista report, the food delivery business will grow 9.3% between now and 2023 to reach $ 134.49 billion. Currently, the largest segment of the sector is home delivery from restaurants, with a market volume of 58,008 million dollars in 2019.

Although it seems astronomical, according to industry players, this figure could be reached long before 2023 if the speed at which demand for services is growing and new food delivery applications appear. But how has the way restaurants used to carry out this activity really changed?

Mobile applications increase the profitability of the business, are more profitable, and have made available to users several functionalities that improve their experience and lead them to ask for more, including the following features:

# 1 Do you prefer the food at home? Then, we bring it to you!

Today all food delivery orders are made through mobile phones, without visiting the restaurant, which allows us to enjoy our food without having to stop doing what we are doing.

Many restaurants already deliver their food through these applications that allow their users to see what they can order from each restaurant for home delivery, see the price of each dish and place their order in one go.

# 2 Romantic dinner? Reserved table!

You arrived exhausted from work, had a dinner meeting, and missed making the reservation yesterday. You can also immediately check table availability from your favourite food delivery app and make your reservation with a few taps.

This reservation functionality is beneficial to organize business lunches for those who always leave everything to the last minute and for restaurants since it helps them increase their business volume, avoiding having empty tables with last-minute reservations.

# 3 Questions about the taste? Read the reviews

Besides allowing users to place orders at home, these applications offer them a space to share their experiences.

Customers write about the quality of the food, the restaurant’s level of service (when they have visited), the quality of the home delivery service, and rate individual dishes or the restaurant in general based on their experience. These opinions and ratings allow the potential user to decide whether it is worth using the same services or ordering the same dish.

This functionality has helped establishments improve the quality of their food and services based on their customer’s reviews, which allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

# 4 Tight budget? Get discounts

Another advantage for foodies is the offers and discounts that are offered through the applications. It’s easy to get fond of ordering food at home if you are offered a discount or promotion from time to time.

Offering discounts or coupons redeemable for money is a stylish way to grow your business. There are even applications dedicated exclusively to promoting discount coupons and offers to motivate users to order more frequently in exchange for discounts on other items and purchases. Apart from these types of offers, some functionalities are pretty helpful to manage other things, such as the following.

# 5 Where is your food? Track deliveries

Young people today live at full speed. They want it all as soon as possible, from promotions to orders.

You can follow the location of your rider through the application

Although, unfortunately, promotions cannot be tracked yet, what you can do is see exactly where your food is on your mobile. Home delivery applications have a built-in GPS function, allowing users to verify the exact location of the delivery man who will bring them their food.

Likewise, this functionality allows delivery men and restaurant owners to keep a record of their orders, both those delivered on time and those with which there has been a problem.

# 6 Don’t have money at home? Pay online

With the advance of digitization, physical money is falling into disuse. We do not usually keep large amounts of cash at home, and we prefer to make payments online. Mobile applications allow us to make digital payments, avoiding having money when placing an order.

In addition, they allow store owners to track charges directly through their restaurant account and better manage their inventories, cash inflows, and received and delivered orders.

Using a simple algorithm, the applications can divide the number of orders by the number of distributors, making it easier for owners to calculate what they owe the latter.


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