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How Much is David Visentin Net Worth?

As a real estate agent, David Visentin has been in the industry for over two decades. In his early career, he worked for Country Living Realty in Rosemont, Ontario. According to Forbes, Visentin has a net worth of $6 million. Since joining the show, he has appeared in several reality TV shows, including Brother vs. Brother (2013-2015), Makeover Manor, The Marilyn Denis Show, Kortney & Dave, and Today. In addition, he has been a television host and has a networth of around $6 million.

Fox News Channel

Visentin has been involved in various careers, including acting, real estate, and television. His most recent work includes being a host of “Love It or List It” with Hilary Farr, which was a hit on the Fox News Channel. His net worth is estimated to be $6 million, though his exact figure is not public. He earns $23,000 per episode of the show. As an actor, he has been busy since he started his career.

David Visentin was born in Toronto, Canada, and has amassed an impressive net worth since joining the show. He is 56 years old, and he has a house in Barrie, Ontario. He has an oval face and a slim body. His wife is Hilary Visentin, and the couple has one son named Logan. In addition to being an actor, Visentin is also a real estate broker.

Real Estate Industry

Visentin has been in the real estate industry for the last two decades. His father was a top real estate agent in the province of Ontario. While he prefers to keep his personal details private in public, his parents are also great real estate agents. In addition to acting, Visentin is a realtor, and a television host. He has three children with Krista Farr.

Visentin has a sister, who has not been revealed publicly. In recent years, he has been busy with real estate, and he is often in the public eye. The family is a close-knit family. His mother has a net worth of $5 million, and she is a popular Realtor in the area. His son Logan is named David Visentin. The actress’s networth is unknown, but she is married to Krista Farr.

Charitable Endeavors

The television personality David Visentin has a significant net worth. He earns around $23,000 per episode. He has appeared in several television shows and earns between $1.6 million and $7 million by 2020. In addition to his acting career, the actress is involved in many charitable endeavors. His wife, Hilary Farr, is also a real estate agent. The pair are not currently married.

Net Worth of $2.5 Million

Hilary Visentin has a net worth of $2.5 million. The actress was born in Toronto on March 30, 2011. The actress is married to Canadian businessman Krista Visentin. The couple is also the proud parents of daughter-of-David. Besides being a realtor, she is also a TV personality. As a result of her success, she has earned a fortune of over six million dollars.

David Visentin has a modest net worth, with a net worth of approximately $6 million. He has a house in Barrie, Ontario. He is a philanthropist, donating to several charities. He is involved in many charitable endeavors, including Love It or List It. The television personality is a good example of this. He is actively involved in a number of charitable activities, which have helped him accumulate a large fortune.

Successful TV Appearances

In addition to his many successful TV appearances, Visentin has been married to Krista Visentin for more than a decade. His net worth is modest, but it is well above the average of other real estate professionals. However, the reality TV personality has a large number of assets and enjoys a low profile life. He is a family man and is committed to his career.

Final Words:

In addition to being a real estate agent, Visentin has also appeared on TV. He co-hosted the popular house listing show Love It or List It with Hilary Farr, and is a contributor to the Canadian daytime talk show Marilyn Denis. His wife, Sarah, and three children have been his primary sources of income. Their net worth is unknown. Although he has an impressive networth, he has also earned a high amount of money through his philanthropy.


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