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How Much is Jamie Chua Net Worth? Complete Guides

The Singaporean-born model and businesswoman are worth a cool 16.3 million US dollars. In addition to running her beauty brand, Jamie Chua co-founded The Closet Raider, a listing site for luxury designer goods. In 2011, the two separated, and Jamie filed for divorce, demanding $450,000 in monthly support. The divorce is final, but Jamie hasn’t stopped working. Her net worth is growing.

Successful Businessman

The Instagram star has been married twice. Her first husband was a successful businessman named Nurdian Cuaca. He later turned multi-millionaire after investing in several different industries. The couple has two children, Calista Chua (born in 1998) and Cleveland Chua (born in 1995). In addition to her husband, Jamie Chua has several endorsements.

Collection of Hermes Bags

In addition to her bestselling book, Jamie Chua has a huge collection of Hermes bags and other designer items. She has more than 200 of these handbags. She is a renowned influencer and brand ambassador and has an estimated net worth of $50 million. Hermes is one of her favorite brands. But you may not know the brand name she is known for because her personal life is largely private.

Skincare Products

When you consider that Jamie Chua’s net worth is derived from her appearance, you’ll probably wonder how she managed to keep her figure so slim. The Singaporean actress spends more than $15,000 a month on cosmetics, hair care products, and other personal services. Besides her clothing lines, she also has a line of skincare products. Her husband, Terence Koh, is also an extremely wealthy businessman.

As of May 2008, Jamie Chua is worth $40.0 million and $80.0 million. She is the daughter of a wealthy Indonesian businessman and has between $50 and eighty million dollars. She has a large collection of Hermes handbags and bags, enabling her to spend a good deal of time making appearances. She also has a very successful clothing line.


The Singaporean-born Jamie Chua’s net worth is estimated at $50 million as March 2022. She lives in a luxurious house in London with her three dogs, her family, and two maids. She has a 700-square-foot walk-in closet where she stores her expensive clothes. The cabinet is only accessible by fingerprint. She has over 300 pairs of shoes and hundreds of other expensive clothes. Her Rami Kadi gowns cost over $27,000 each, and Chanel Jacket Dresses cost $8999.

Queen of Instagram

A recent survey found that Jamie Chua is worth $50 million as of March 2022. She is married to an air hostess and has two daughters. She is also known as the Queen of Instagram in Singapore. With over a million followers, she is a billionaire. Her net worth is estimated to increase significantly in the coming years as she focuses on her business. She is the daughter of Jackie Chan and has been with her husband since she was fifteen.

Rich Kids of Singapore

The Singaporean-born star has an estimated net worth of $50 million. She is a part-time businesswoman running the ‘Rich Kids of Singapore’ Instagram account. She is a Scorpio and has more than one million followers on Instagram. Known as the “Queen of Instagram’, she is also married to the director of the famous movie Jackie Chan.

In addition to the fashion business, Jamie Chua has three other companies. His most famous industry, Cloud 9 Lifestyle, was founded in 2006 and is the largest distributor of Manolo Blahnik shoes. She also owns a portion of the company ‘D’League,’ his partner. His ex-wife, Terence Koh, is an entrepreneur.


Chua’s Instagram account is still a special place for expensive things despite her age. Jamie Chua is a socialite in Singapore with over six hundred thousand followers. She attended several popular social events and was awarded best-dressed at the 2019 ICON Ball. Listed below are a few of the many products on her Instagram account. There’s even a ‘Jamie Chua’ bag!

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