How Office rental in Singapore can improve your business

Furnished office rental in Singapore is the latest trend in the commercial property market. These serviced offices offer flexible lease terms, efficient staff assistance, and complete solutions for all your business needs. With the same facilities as a private company but with lower cost, it is almost like having your own office without owning it!

Are you considering moving into office space near your home or workplace? Retaining existing employees will be easier if they are based at your desired locations. It may end up saving travel time and fuel costs when they don’t need to commute every day across long distances. The additional benefit of moving into serviced offices near their homes will definitely win over new hires too.

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There are many tips which will help you in finding an ideal space:

1. Check out with your Details: The first and foremost thing is taking details about the company and asking questions relevant to them; like how many people will be working at your workplace? What kind of business structure will it have (shareholders, private limited etc.)? What services are you looking for (dedicated desks, meeting rooms etc.), how many workstations, offices or meeting rooms do you need? There is a possibility that there will be more than one person who will have to share an office. Will they have their own space on which they can lock the door and go about their work on pc/laptop? What kind of internet connection, fax or phone lines would your company require? You might want to ask what floor plan options they have as this might affect your choice.

2. Search Online: If you have no idea where to start from then the first place where people look would be Google Maps. However, if you do a search online it will give a detailed list of all the service providers in Singapore. You can also search for office rental in Singapore in Google or any other search engine. If you are looking for an office within a particular area, then you will get the list of all companies available in that area which you can further shortlist depending on your requirements and budget.

3. Visit the Location: Once you have compiled the list then it’s time for you to visit each location mentioned in your list, so that you can see them yourself physically instead of just relying on online information about these companies. Make sure that when visiting each company it fulfills your requirement before signing any contract with them. It is important to ask relevant questions while getting an idea about services they are offering because many companies will not reveal such information until you sign a contract with them.

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4. Prioritize your requirements: You might be thinking that why is it necessary to prioritize the requirements if we can fulfill all of them? The answer is simple, sometimes the budget we have in mind won’t meet all the demands and we will have to settle down for less than perfect office space or service. So it’s better to lock in on what is really important for your business and what is not so important. For instance, if you require only one meeting room then don’t go for companies offering 8-10 meeting rooms; try to understand your actual needs and find out which company provides such facilities at an affordable cost without compromising on quality of services like building maintenance, receptionist etc.

5. Ask for quotations: One of the most important things while renting an office in Singapore is asking for quotes from different potential service providers. This is because each company will have a different cost structure which they will reveal only after you ask them for it. This process becomes further easy if you are equipped with all your requirements beforehand or you are working with an agent who does that on behalf of you. However, if there is no availability of agents in your area then it’s even better because this gives you the opportunity to negotiate with the company yourself and get the best possible deal without any hidden costs involved.

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