How Organic Bug Spray Kills Bugs

As an environmentally friendly person, the last thing you would want to do is cause an unnatural disturbance in your ecosystem, even if it means getting bitten up to avoid killing bugs and insects. What if there was a way to find the best of both worlds, where you leave no trace of human contamination and repel any nearby pesky critters? Keep reading and find out why organic bug spray is the ideal solution for becoming less desirable to bugs while leaving no chemical (or insect body) trail.

Organic Bug Sprays Don’t Kill Bugs

Contrary to popular belief, organic bug sprays are totally harmless to insects, they just make you an undesirable target. By crafting a mixture of neem oil, essential oils, and other ingredients, depending on the specific product, natural bug sprays can ward off bugs effectively and safely, leaving them to play their role in a delicate environment. 

Why is it important that organic bug spray leaves out chemicals when the instant impact to the environment is negligible? Products that use chemicals such as DEET cause minute traces of harmful substances to be left in an ecosystem, slowly poisoning less fortified inhabitants. The end result is an overall decline of environmental health. Organic products use natural and botanical ingredients to keep your skin protected, minimizing your footprint and helping you enjoy a guilt-free adventure.

How Do Oils Repel Insects?

Since we’ve established that no insects will be harmed during your application, the next question is how do these oils repel insects without harming them? Certain substances like Neem oil, mint, Castor oil, lavender, and others are naturally unappealing to bugs (typically it’s the smell), making you an unattractive target. While some of the ingredients may slowly start to harm the bug in high concentrations, their instincts tell them to flee before the damage is done. 

These oils do more than protect your skin, however. In addition to your clear-conscious protection, these products also provide a great fragrance and skin-soothing effects. By blending the ideal mixture of natural ingredients, products can sooth, protect, and even smell better than your typical bug spray.

Doing Your Part With Organic Products

Not only do chemicals lead to environmental contamination when they are worn, but the process to make them is also harmful. Organic products use a natural process that lets companies avoid the same impact. The making of organic bug sprays requires large gardens and fields of vegetation, not factories.


If you are an eco-friendly individual, there’s no need to worry with organic bug sprays. Their natural, botanical ingredients and chemical-free process helps them lighten the footprint left and you enjoy the outdoors without guilt. Don’t kill your crawly friends, use organic bug spray.

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