Marketing has grow with time over time from the times  of billboards till now Marketing is full being controlled and consumed by the Internet. This is mostly because most of our time as human being we have given most of our focus in the Internet and the developers have fully taken advantage of it .Now the Internet is being utilised by the platforms and a market space has been created in between the entertainment space. The online market space is being fully utilised because  even shopping it self has fully moved online. People can now see an advert on the Internet and they immediately buy the product from the Internet , The product is then delivered by the online delivery agency who are now physically connected to the online buyer .From most the statistics done in 2021 most of the billionaires such as Jeff Bezos has quickly raised to  being a billionaire because he invested in a online selling platform which  has performed  greatly  in the present days .

We can say that the online platform has been greatly expanded due to availability of hooks that have held the normal Internet user to be glued fully in the Internet space through the inventions of sophisticated and eye catching software that keep the user always looking forward for tomorrow’s innovation. This only platforms has performed greatly through the support from most extension services such as TWITCH CLIP MANAGER.This clip manager helps the  Internet to be active always hence creating a suitable marketing platform. It can be therefore  said that without such brilliant innovations the online audience could not be contreate and interesting to attract  the market base aspect of it. Extensions such  as stream manager Twitch are very interesting and interactive hence keep the audience glued to it and always ready to interact with the other user who can not be seen from the other side .In the future more such like extensions will attract more people to sites hence enlarging the audience thus promoting online marketing and trading .Through this programmes the Internet space becomes more and more involving and this will also encourage even the user to start trading with one for instance in cases where users are paid to watch certain advertisements. This show that with time just participating in the Internet also could create a source of income just as selling stuff in the Internet. 

 The Twitch clip manager could also be encouraging and interesting  if it could help in tracking down products to buy in the market  through facilitating quick clip search of the advertisements or product review  clips from the relevant sources. STREAM MANAGER TWITCH also helped in promoting products placements during streaming hence encouraging and promoting online marketing and advertising. Developers should challenge themselves and ensure that they protect the online platform through the innovation that will keep the audience up hence maintaining the marketing online platforms. With out online platforms brand growth could be very slow to promote in the physical market rather than capturing the global market

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