How to access and what is Pimpandhost: A complete Guide

If you’re wondering how to access pimpandhost, this post is for you. Pimp and host provide a service of hosting images that are uploaded by their users. They also provide one-time links for downloading the images and videos from their site. This blog post will teach you how to get access to these files with malware-free software in just minutes!

What is

Pimpandhost is a hosting website that offers various images for free. The image files are hosted by their client and can be downloaded with a one-time direct link provided by the host. Some of the features of this site include:

This service helps people to share their images online in no time at all. It’s easy, fast, and reliable with no hidden charges or fees associated with it. Plus, you’re getting access to a huge collection of digital photos from anywhere on the internet!

How does it work?

First, you sign up and register an account with them. When logged into your account, you will get the option to either download or view uploaded image files based on your preference. After selecting a file to view, you will see a link to the uploaded image. This comes in handy when sharing or forwarding images with friends or just saving and keeping them for yourself.

How to download files from pimpandhost?

To download files from this service, you’ll need to either install their software (Windows only) or load them into your browser on a computer with Internet access. They also provide direct links for downloading files from their website in some cases, so keep that in mind too. Here’s a step-by-step guide  for how to do both:

1.) Open up and go through the options until you get the file of your choice.

2.) On the page where you will see the image, there will be a small button titled “Download Files” on the right side of it. Click that and you’ll be directed to another list with options of file formats for download.

3.) Select one of the available formats, depending on your requirements. After making a selection, you need to click on “Download Link Below”. This option gives you a direct link for downloading files from pimpandhost website in an easy way while avoiding pesky advertisements and popups via their software (Windows only).

4.) If using their software, simply click on the “Download File Now” button when prompted by their program and save it wherever you want to have it! Please note that you may need to run the software as an administrator in order for it to work on your PC.

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You can also use any download manager or similar tool for this purpose. We recommend using  Internet Download Manager because it’s capable of adjusting the speed of downloading any file and resumes broken downloads. Simply choose a link and click on the “Download Now” button when prompted by their program! Their software has multi-language support, integrates with Firefox, Chrome, and IE browsers, offers a video grabber option, and much more! Go ahead – give that a try right now!

Why elevate Internet Explorer security?

When hosting companies are asked about how they deal with potentially malicious content found in their client files provided at, they must respond with a statement they’re well-aware of: we do not knowingly allow malicious content to be hosted on our site. The only way to verify if the content is safe or not is really to check it out yourself!

We strongly urge you to take advantage of Microsoft’s free antimalware scanner called  SmartScreen Application Reputation  by following these simple steps:

1.) Open Internet Explorer, click on the “Tools” menu and choose the “Safety” option. It opens a new window with several options available for scanning your PC against known malware.

2.) In the new window, select one of three offered tools – SmartScreen Filter, Phishing Filter, or ActiveX Control – then press the “Change settings” button located at the bottom right of your screen.

3.) Next, you’ll be asked to choose between “Warn” and “Off”. You should pick a setting that will help protect your PC against any malicious websites or files. Once done, click on the “OK” button for saving changes.

In addition to configuring the SmartScreen Application Reputation feature in Internet Explorer as described above, we recommend installing free anti-malware software like  Malwarebytes and scanning your computer with it at least once a week! Such a tool is capable of detecting and removing malware that even top security programs can not detect. Remember – prevention is always better than cure!

2. Why should I use it?

We understand that image hosts may not be as user-friendly as commonly used websites, but we believe you’ll find the following reasons why is pimpandhost still worth checking out:

1. It’s FREE! Their service is completely free for an unlimited number of images regardless of their sizes or types and other limitations usually imposed by other sites. They also don’t have limits on bandwidth usage, although downloaded files are limited to 5GB per month per account (practically all users will never reach it). 

2. No advertisements. Unlike other popular websites, they do not insert any advertisement into your image pages. You can enjoy viewing your favorite images without being interrupted by annoying pop-ups or banners.

3. High-quality content. You should not miss this great opportunity to download hi-resolution photos of 100% quality. Don’t forget – the better resolution you’ll choose, the bigger file size it will have!

4. Easy navigation. Pimpandhost is very easy to navigate throughout its site since they offer a simple way of searching through their numerous tags and categories located on the top header bar on every page. Just click on any tag or category and you’re good to go!

What about other features?

They also offer a Blogging service to share your latest updates with friends, family members, or even total strangers that can follow your posts;  Forums with free registration is available for anyone interested in getting feedback from more experienced people, and Social media to keep in touch with other users through Facebook or Twitter.

Bottom Line:

You can also save your favorite images for future viewing by adding them to various lists which you can access anytime from the top header bar. It’s free and easy to do – just click on the “Add to list” button located at the bottom right of every picture page!

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