How to Add Spotify Music to Videoleap?

Videoleap is a popular video editing app that contains numerous features and tools. These tools include adjusting video speed, clip editing, color corrections, changing the aspect ratio, adding background music, and so on. Its adding background music to a video feature helps to enrich the video’s popularity. Sometimes editors want to add music from Spotify as it has the most extensive music collections.

But most of them failed to do that, as Videoleap doesn’t support Spotify music directly. So, how can you add Spotify music to Videoleap? Well, by converting the Spotify music, you can easily add the music to the Video. This task may be found challenging; that’s why we will present a complete guideline of adding Spotify music on the Videoleap app in this article.

Overview of the Videoleap and Spotify

For making your video editing more exciting and easier, Videoleap comes with advanced features and tools. It was developed by Lightricks Ltd in July 2021. Since then, Videoleap has gained massive popularity among video editor lovers. Currently, this app is available on two platforms: Play Store and App Store. The Mac version of this app hasn’t been released yet. You can download the Videoleap app for Mac through third-party software called Android emulator.

On the other hand, Spotify is a popular music streaming app that contains millions of songs and podcasts. With this app, you can explore top songs with different genres, places, and decades. However, in May 2020, this app was first introduced on the Play Store. As of now, around 100 million people have downloaded the Spotify app on their devices.

Why You Need to Add Music to Your Videos

Video is one of the easiest ways to reach people nowadays. While visuals are generally the focus of a video, music is a massive part of engaging people. Check out the points below why you need to add music to your video. 

  • Music is a fantastic method for stimulating an emotional connection between your video and audiences.
  • By adding music to your video,  you can easily make your video more dynamic and exciting.
  • Music gives texture and aural interest to engage the audience and capture attention.
  • Using music on videos will bring your video to the next level that helps to boost your production value. 
  • Music enables the video to transition smoothly between different scenes and ideas.

Is it Possible to Add Spotify Music to Videoleap Directly?

Spotify is a prominent music streaming platform that holds millions of songs and podcasts.  All the music and podcasts in this app have been DRM-protected OGG songs. As the songs of Spotify are DRM-protected, they can’t be taken out of the other applications. 

Typically, video editing applications like Videoleap supports imports to music in universal formats like MP3, WAV, ACC. Most of them don’t support DRM-protected music like Spotify or other music streaming platforms. So, you can’t import music in the Videoleap from DRM-protected streaming services like Spotify directly. 

Now, you may be inquiring how you can add Spotify music to Videoleap. To add music from Spotify, you have to unlock DRM and convert the music to MP3, WAV, or AAC formats. This way, you can import Spotify music to Videoleap or any other video editing application.

Convert Spotify Music to Mp3 for Videoleap

You will find several converters to convert Spotify music to MP3 on the Internet. Here, we will show how to unlock Spotify DRM and save Spotify music as MP3 through TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. 

This converter allows you to convert DRM-protected OGG music files to MP3, ACC, WAV format without losing sound quality. In this way, you can import your desired Spotify music on the Videoleap app. So, check out the process below.

  • First, download and install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter on your device. After installing, launch the TunesBank, and you will show both the TunesBank and Spotify app on your device screen.
  • Now choose your desired song on Spotify and directly drag & drop the song on the TunesBank. TunesBank will automatically load the song.
  • Select the output format you want to export the song; you can choose MP3 format, as most video editing players support this format.
  • After that, click Preference from the menu bar to change Channels, Bitrate, or Sample Rate based on your needs.
  • Now press on the Convert All option to convert the selected Spotify song to MP3 format. The Process may require some time to finish.
  • Once the process is finished, tap on the View Output Folder to find the converted MP3 song.

Add Converted Spotify Music to the Videoleap App

After successfully converting your desired Spotify music to MP3 format, now it’s time to add the music to the Videoleap app. Below, we have demonstrated how you can add converted music to the Videoleap.

  • Launch the installed Videoleap on your device and select the target video project.
  • Click on the Audio at the bottom of the screen and choose the converted music from your device storage.
  • Then tap on the plus sign (+), and the song will automatically place on your project layer.
  • Then, you can adjust and trim audio on the timeline. Edit the audio clips as per your needs.


As Spotify contains millions of songs and podcasts, someone may want to add any music to the Videoleap app. Adding Spotify music to Videoleap will be challenging as it doesn’t import directly. For that, through this article, we have presented a complete step-by-step guideline on how you can easily add Spotify music on Videoleap.

Following the simple procedure, you can easily add your desired Spotify music on the Videoleap. Basically, you have to convert the Spotify OGG music file to MP3 or ACC using any converter like TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. This is because Videoleap doesn’t support the OGG format. Once you have converted the music file into MP3 or ACC, you can easily import the music file on the Videoleap.

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