How to Become a More Effective Salesperson

A salesperson is the one who sells a product or service. This definition may look simple, but the actual process of selling involves much more effort than you imagine. The difference between how to be a salesperson and how to be a good sales rep is the deciding factor in a successful sales career. As people say, sales is an art, and hence how to do sales cannot be taught in a book or a class. Apart from acquiring knowledge from the resources, a salesperson should also practically think from the customer’s point of view.

A salesperson should possess some basic qualities that are helpful while acquiring and dealing with customers. Because he/she is the face that represents your business in front of your customers. A good sales team is a must for a business to flourish.

How to do sales? 

A salesperson can make a sale happen only if he/she,

  1. Is passionate about selling
  2. Is a good team player
  3. Understands the customer’s needs
  4. Build client relationships
  5. Sell the solution, not the product
  6. Upskill and stay updated
  7. Analyze the sales process
  8. Listen to customer feedback
  9. Ready to correct their mistakes 
  10. Follow up after the sale regularly

These points will go on in the loop for each and every customer. Salespeople need to follow these principles to succeed in a sales job.

How to become an effective salesperson?

Sales is an attractive career option for many due to the benefits, growth opportunities, and mainly the soaring demand for salespeople day by day. Wherever there is a business, there is a need for a salesperson. But, how to be a top salesman? You need to qualify yourself to become a more effective salesperson so that you can sustain yourself in the field. Here are a few tips:


  • Preparation & Research

The first and foremost skill that you need to develop as a salesperson is research. First, you need to understand the product you sell in detail. Then, perform proper market research to know how you are going to present your product uniquely. Analyze and interpret the data collected about the market conditions, competitors, and customers. Salespeople who don’t do enough research will face difficulties while selling.


  • Improve your approach

As your manager says, there is always room for improvement in sales. Not only for the revenue you get for your business, but your personal growth also. Do a consistent re-visit of your approach, the way you reach and talk to your customers, the product highlights you speak about, etc. Sometimes, changing your approach will be more beneficial than you think.


  • Perfect your pitch

A sales pitch is the ultimate weapon for a salesperson to succeed in sales. Structuring a perfect sales pitch will make your job much easier. So, make sure your sales pitch

  • Catch the customers’ attention
  • Target their problem
  • Come up with the solution
  • Reasons to choose your product
  • Includes a proper CTA (Call-to-action)


  • Handle objections promptly

Objection handling is an essential part of a sales job. In your entire sales career, you will be getting replies from prospects like, “I like your product, but I don’t think it will work for us”, “We don’t need it now”, and “It doesn’t fit our budget”, etc. But without getting discouraged, come up with a convincing answer. Still, some prospects will be difficult to convince. Don’t give up if they didn’t buy, try at a later point of time again.


  • Build strong relationships

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win” – This quote pretty much sums up the importance of building relationships with your customers. Using sales technologies like apps for managing your sales employees’ activities builds trust among your customers. A study shows that using sales technology results in 22% more ability to build stronger relationships. Lystloc app helps in real-time monitoring and managing your sales team activities with its powerful features like live tracking, task management, meeting notes, etc.


  • Be organized

Staying organized will save your time and efforts, thus making your day more productive on the whole. Using tools like Lystloc for updating your task status, Calendly for effective meeting schedules, DocuSign for managing important documents, etc will help you to work more organized and improve your efficiency. Plan your day and work hassle-free.


  • Upskill & Stay Confident

Upskilling, not only improves your knowledge but also boosts your confidence. Identify the skill gaps by yourself by self-assessment. Look for affordable resources whether it be books, online courses, workshops, or any other. Discuss with your manager about the possible training programs to learn about the latest tools and technologies. Make upskilling a part of your job so that you can use the acquired knowledge as stepping stones.


  • Take follow-ups seriously

Follow-ups of both types, that is after the first contact with the prospect till the sales happen and after the sales follow-up for assistance are important. Studies show only 10% of salespeople make more than three contacts with a qualified prospect. After you close a deal with the customer, you need to assist them and ensure your product helps their business in the way they want.

Summing Up

“Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing” – Warren Buffet. The passion to succeed in sales is the first virtue that you need to become a successful salesperson. Apart from this, there are so many attributes that contribute to your journey of becoming a good sales rep. The tips we discussed here are to help you in the journey of becoming one. Follow them to reach greater heights in your job.


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