How to build a Lego train?

Many Lego fans have the fantasy of making real engine trains which is not possible for most of the people out there because of the technicalities and skills. However, the Lego trains have crafted yet another amazing train building Lego sets. Using this you might get your dream come true. However, being a beginner, you will not have the idea of how to build a Lego train?


Lego train Types:

Before building one you need to get to know the model, set of the Lego train which you are going to build because bricks alignment is always different for different trains. Another difference is the selection of manual or automatic trains. 

It is generally a good research approach and then creates the selected train which you have preferred or liked. 

Train building guidelines:

  • Scene:

It is good practice to get a brief idea of the Lego train ideology because the Lego groups have always come up with the most specific features and scenes for instance the stations, Minifigures, fuel depots, signal houses, etc. 

It’s your choice to create the background of the forest or make the train go through the populated city and for that, you need to research the backgrounds of tracks available out there.

  • Track:

There is no train concept without the track. However, it’s your choice to not get the tracks of the Lego train because it can run just fine without the trach either automatic or manual. 

Many people choose to select the tracts which can come in the form of different pieces and then you have to align them or the ready-made tracks are also available. 

the track’s positioning is flexible as the tracts can easily be aligned and disconnected at the same time. This will make your child more into the play and not get bored.

  • Train parts:

 Now that you have created the whole scenario of the train track. You will be looking for the train sets out there. You can easily get the train sets or you can buy the separate pieces of the train and then combine them to make a whole train. 


Just like the real train, you will be needing the rectangular plate to make the base, four wheels, the internal accessories, the blocks, and the bricks to make the wagons. 

It’s just up to you what you want to attach to your train and how long of a train you want and then selects a nice train out there.

  • Assembling:

Now that you have got all the parts of the train, the background, and the track of the train you are advised to create the track and the background first before assembling the train. 

The assembling steps vary as the type of the train also varies from the passenger train to the coal train. 

Now that you have got the best idea of how to build a Lego train? You can start making one and after completing one you may start your journey. 

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