How to change the mobile number on the electricity bill?

You may need to change your existing mobile number due to several reasons. The major reasons behind this decision may be your willingness to change your existing number, changing your current SIM card due to personal reasons. However, when changing your phone number, you need to know how to update your number. Here, we share a few tips that can help you.

Once you’ve switched to a new mobile number, you can update the new phone number along with supporting evidence and relevant documents. If your existing number is linked to your bank account, you’ll need to change it. One of the most important documents where you’ll have to update or change your number is the electricity bill. Modifying your current mobile number in official records is something you shouldn’t miss out on. While helping you keep up with your recent tasks and regular notifications related to due tasks, your updated phone number will help you log in to relevant portals such as the electricity board. As a result, you can get regular updates related to electricity bill history or 24/7 assistance to help with the payment processes. 

From the perspective of electricity bills, you can easily modify the number on your electricity bill offline or online. Additionally, let us learn about the stages you’ll be required to undergo to change your mobile number on electricity bills. 

Ways to change your mobile number in electricity bills via an online platform

The process of altering the mobile number connected with your electricity bills can differ from one board to another. However, here, we’ll be using the SBPDCL as an example. It’ll allow you to get a bird’ view or entire idea behind the general procedure followed by the electrician board. You’ll be required to go through the steps listed below to update or modify your number according to the norms of the SBPDCL board:

Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental steps you can follow to change your mobile number through an online registered electricity billboard:

Step 1: Go to the official website of SBPDCL.

Step 2:  Choose the ‘login’ button while keeping your credentials ready. If you haven’t created an account at the SBPDCL’s portal, you can click on the option ‘register’ to enter the system. 

Step 3: Next, you can log in to your registered account. Choose the ‘update mobile number’ option.

Step 4: Then, you’ll be directed to a new page. Here, you’ll be required to enter the bill number and account number. You can also insert the Spot Billing Machine/ bill number generated by a link displayed on the same page.

Step 5: Now, you’ll have to choose the continue option to carry out the process further.

Step 6: Next, you have to enter the old phone number and the new phone number.

Step 7: Select the submit button after confirming the new cell phone number.

Once these steps are completed, your mobile number will be modified or updated.  

If you’re facing any issues when completing your Sbpdcl bill payment, you can reach out to the authorities at the contact number or information that’s available on its official website to complete the entire procedure. 

Ways to change your mobile number in electricity via an offline portal

If you’re willing to change or update your mobile number via an offline portal, you can visit your area’s state electrician board office. However, the procedure can vary according to norms specified by distinct board offices. 

You can reach out to the authorities, inform them about your grievances, and request assistance. The employees will guide you throughout the process. Besides, you’ll be required to submit specified papers such as the recent bills or identification card and fill out the forms. The offline procedure can seem a little time-consuming when compared to the online procedure. 

To Sum Up

It’s essential to change your mobile number in relevant documents such as electricity bills if you’re looking forward to changing your contact number. You can choose from various online payment apps to clear out your bills. All you’ll have to do is follow a few instructions. You can choose from payment options such as debit card, credit card, Net Banking, online payment apps, and so on. Today, changing mobile numbers has become so much easier. Stay updated about the steps and get the task done. 

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