How to Choose the Right Motherboard?

If you’re going to build a PC or want to buy an assembled one, then you should never turn a blind eye to one of the essential components. Yes! We are talking about the motherboard.

Selecting a best motherboard for Ryzen or Intel CPU when you have got so many options to choose from is a real hassle. So, you have to keep everything in mind from price to specs and selecting a perfect size alike.

But you don’t need to worry as we had covered all the things that a good motherboard should have, which brand to choose from, which size it should be, and more. Just follow in our footsteps. 

What is a motherboard?

Not many people know much about motherboard as it is the most neglected yet most important part while buying a PC. Let’s find out what a motherboard is.

The motherboard is a circuit having different ports for the connection of CPU, RAM, and expansion cards. It is the core of the computer connecting the primary and the secondary parts of the computer. So, it is a base for determining the specs of a PC.

6 Things to Consider While Buying a Motherboard

There are a lot of components worth looking for while buying a motherboard for your gaming PC. Let us check out all of them one by one;

  1. Chipset:

Chipset is undoubtedly the most vital component while buying a motherboard. It is not only the chief regulator but also decides which elements are suitable for the motherboard It is not only the chief regulator but also decides which elements are suitable for the motherboard especially for i.MX 8X series

Which brands produce the best for chipsets?

Intel and AMD are some of the best brands for high-quality chipsets. They both have economical, medium, and high-quality chipsets depending on your budget.

It would be best if you buy the chipset of the same company your CPU is.

  1. CPU slots:

CPU slots guarantee if the accurate circuit is on the motherboard. It assists in accessing the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and overpowers the damage while installing and pulling out the component.

The company of CPU and CPU sockets should be similar for them to work best.

Which brands to consider?

Well, Intel and AMD are the top most brands for CPU sockets as well.  

  1. Motherboard Size:

Your motherboard size determines the size of your PC, so choose it wisely. It comes in sizes as mini ATX, micro ATX, ATX, and XL-ATX, all having different dimensions.

The larger the motherboard is, the more slots it could have for all the other components. If you want your PC to have more RAM slots, you should go with the ATX or XL-ATX one. 

  1. RAM Sockets:

A motherboard typically has two options; a two-slot memory socket and a four-slot memory socket. A 4-slot memory socket is more suitable for a gaming PC as it allows you to have more RAMs than the two-slot socket. Also, it takes more space than the latter one.

Also, focus on the memory limit that limits the number of RAMs. The frequency of RAM in your PC also affects the RAM sockets.

  1. Expansion Card Slots:

The larger the motherboard slot, the more expansion slots it has. With this, mini-ATX has one, micro-ATX has four whereas an ATX and XL-ATX have seven ports each.

It has connections to all the hardware of the computer. Currently, three types of expansion ports are in use named; PCI, PCI Express, and APG. 

PCI – is used for sound, video, and network cards.

PCI Express & APG – only for the video cards.

  1. Cooling system:

Usually, a motherboard has a passive cooling system or radiator. Low-quality motherboards lack a cooling system, and somehow they don’t need one as well. 

But if you don’t have a motherboard, it’s not a big deal. The motherboard doesn’t get heated and works equally well even without the cooling system.

What do we get from it? 

So, to get a good motherboard for your PC, you should not only focus on the RAM sockets but also the chipset and the expansion card slots alike.

A compatible motherboard will let your CPU perform well and will give so many functions to your PC.

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