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How to Create a Red Cedar Message Board for Home or Office

In this digital era and time, there seems to be a specific charm and warmth associated with tactile and real elements, such as a message board. It’s a quaint reminder of personal touch and simplicity, a stark contrast to the ephemeral nature of digital messages. This article is going to get down with the world of DIY craftsmanship and whip up a custom message board from the richly hued and aromatic red cedar wood. Perfect for a home or office setting, a red cedar message board is such an amazing piece in gathering thoughts or tasks and can also function as a rustic piece of art, blending and enhancing the room.

But first, one has to appreciate the uniqueness that red cedar has to offer. One of the most-favored woods because of its durability and resistance to decay, red cedar has been one wood to receive great fanfare among woodworkers. Its heartwood boasts a warm palette of reds and pinks, while the sapwood presents a contrasting creamy color. But red cedar: now that’s a fragrant hit. Sharp, pleasant, a bit calming—just right for the inside.

Materials and Tools: A Comprehensive List

The journey of crafting begins with gathering the right materials and tools. For this project, you will need:

  • A red cedar board: Choose a board that fits your desired size and aesthetic preference. The natural beauty of cedar means each piece offers a unique grain pattern.
  • Sandpaper: A combination of medium and fine grit is essential for preparing the wood surface.
  • Wood finish: Options include oil, wax, or varnish, depending on the desired sheen and protection level.
  • Chalkboard paint (optional): For adding a writable surface to your message board.
  • Paintbrushes: For applying finishes and paints.
  • Saw: Necessary if cutting the wood to specific dimensions.
  • Drill with screws: For assembling and mounting the board.
  • Hanging hardware: This could be picture hangers or mounting tape, depending on the board’s size and weight.
  • Chalk or chalk markers: If opting for a chalkboard surface.

Step by Step Workings

Step 1: Join the Woodworking Tribe

The first step in this creative journey is to select your red cedar board. When choosing your wood, look for grain patterns and color variations. This board is going to be more than just a utilitarian item; it’s a canvas for your creative expression.

Step 2: Art of Shaping and Smoothing

If you do not fit the board properly in the area you need, then cut it first. After all, safety comes first: make sure you have all the gear for your protection and safety rules are followed. The art of sanding simply moves on when it is trimmed to a rightful size. Start off with the medium-grit sandpaper to smoothen out all the bumps, and then proceed to the fine-grit sandpaper in an effort to come out with a smooth polished finish. This is not just about getting prepared for finishing; this is almost a meditative practice, as you get to connect with the material.

Step 3: Sealing and Protecting

Now let’s go to the process of finishing. This is an important step to protect your wood and bring out its natural beauty. It depends on one’s preference of finishing. An oil or wax finish penetrates deep into the wood, bringing out its grain and color. Varnish produces a glossy finish. Apply your chosen finish with a brush, working in the direction of the grain and letting dry completely.

Step 4: Add Your Personal Touch

For those who would like to add the chalkboard factor, this step turns part of your message board into a writable surface. Apply the chalkboard paint in the taped off section of the board. Apply in even strokes and allow each coat to dry before applying the next. This feature will enable the whiteboard to be dynamic and interactive.

step 5 – mounting

Once your board is totally personalized, go ahead and mount it. For this, you can use either screws or picture hangers, and this depends totally on the size and weight of your board. If screws will be used, it should go into wall studs so that a very strong mount is ensured.

Step 6: Bringing It to Life

Your red cedar message board is now ready for use. This is where your personal flair comes into play. Use chalk or chalk markers to jot down reminders, inspirational quotes, or daily affirmations. Attach photos, important notes, or decorate to your style. Your message board is not just a DIY functional item but makes a part of your personality and creativity.


Building your red cedar message board is an enriching experience that goes far beyond just DIY. It’s really an adventure into the world of craftsmanship, exploring your creativity—an attempt to get closer to personalizing your space. Whether it calls your cozy home office home or takes pride of place in your family kitchen, this message board is bound to lend a warm, personal touch and character to your environment.

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I still remember very well the first time I had a project similar to this one. The smell of the wood filling the air with cedar and the satisfaction that comes from just taking a flat piece of wood and making something beautiful that actually functions—is a little hard to describe. A glance over my message board takes me back to those moments of creation and joy. It’s not just a board; it’s a treasure-house of memories and a testimony to the beauty of handcraft.

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