How to create an eCommerce store accepting bitcoin through BTC Pay

Many people think setting up an eCommerce store and accepting bitcoin on the website is complex. They need a massive agency for it to integrate and will need huge funds before going ahead. But it is not valid, and you can do everything by yourself without paying any money to the other agencies. Yes, with the new technology, you do not need the coding experience to create a website or eCommerce store because now it is possible to do with the drag and drop system, and you can customize the website or store according to the choice. So there is the process of creating an eCommerce store accepting bitcoin through BTC pay that you will learn in this guide, check out how bitcoin affects e-commerce .

The scope of eCommerce stores

Today’s era is the digital era, so most traditional businesses are now online businesses because they know the power of the internet. You can see how Amazon works as a world’s well-known eCommerce store, and people are using it worldwide. The businesses know that they do not need to invest in the infrastructure to start a business, instead of needing a website as a platform, product, or service to sell and marketing skills. You can store your physical products anywhere, whether in your home or any warehouse and the rest you will do through your comfort place on a laptop or computer. The world is tending from physical space to internet space, and there is an expectation of reaching a 5.5 trillion e-commerce industry by the end of 2022.

What is BTC Pay?

BTC pay server is an open-source payment application or website that helps hold the bitcoin, send and receive bitcoin as the other bitcoin exchange wallets. The features of this wallet are that it is decentralized, impossible to crack or hack, open-source, etc. You can also connect your eCommerce store with it to receive payments in the wallet, and it is elementary to set up.

Steps to Create a store accepting BTC 

There are the following process of creating the eCommerce store to accept via BTC pay given below:-

  • Choosing the right domain and hosting: If you are starting from scratch, you have to understand the right domain and hosting, and if you already have the eCommerce website, you can skip this step. The domain will be the recognition of your business on the internet, and hosting will be where you will store all the products and services to sell to the people. So the hosting will be essential because the speed of your website will affect the user experience, which means the high speed will attract more customers and help you rank on the top 10 pages of google, and the low rate will decrease your sales because of a bad experience. Set up your hosting and domain by yourself, or you can also hire an agency to do it for you.
  • Setting Up themes:- The second step after integrating the domain and hosting is to set up the pieces. A good user experience will attract more customers, and your visitors will refer to their friends and family. A catchy, simple-to-understand theme will increase your conversion rate, and you can customize it using drag and drop plugins or purchase a paid theme.
  • Installing required plugins:- The plugins are essential if you use the WordPress platform to make your eCommerce store more understandable and accessible. The plugins critical to establishing are woo-commerce, contact form 7, Elementor, and the necessary BTC pay plugin. You can download the BTC pay plugin from the open-source system and install it on your website from Github, and there is no risk to downloading it from Github.
  • Setting the BTC Pay store:- Now go to the BTC pay website and set up your account by entering the required information. After creating the account, log in to your BTC pay website and click on setting the BTC pay store. It is a straightforward process, and there are a lot of articles on it that you can go with it. After selecting the BTC Pay store, connect your BTC Pay store with your eCommerce store in the plugin setting.
  • Enabling the BTC payment:- Go to the woocommerce tab, click on the setting and go to the painting section. There would be a lot of payment systems, such as PayPal and Cash on Delivery, and you will also see the BTC pay method that you have to enable before accepting the payments in bitcoin.


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