How to Find the Right Pillow for Your Chair Back


If you’re suffering from back pain or just seeking good ergonomic support, not just any pillow will do the job, especially if you work in an office environment. If you want the best shot of making it through the work day (or, heck, even a long drive), it’s important to have just the right pillow. For chair back aficionados who also care about how their office furniture looks, it sure does help to have a sleek and stylish pillow as well. Is it possible to have it all in one cushion? Let’s consider which qualities to look for in the right pillow for your chair back. 

The Healthy Spine: Pillows for Posture

Even if you don’t experience back pain, you might after hunching over a keyboard or tablet for hours on end. The right pillow for your chair back if you still enjoy a healthy back can still help you to avoid stiffness and muscle fatigue.

Providing lumbar support in the right place and in the right way keeps your spine aligned. And your back isn’t the only part of your body that benefits if you use a good chair back pillow; you can also maintain or increase lung capacity, avoid headaches, and boost your circulation. A nice, straight back can even help you avoid heartburn after that too-large lunch. 

Your entire body benefits if you’re kind to your back. In the event you don’t suffer from chronic back pain and want to keep it that way, consider a pillow that follows the natural curve of your spine. This removes pressure from your lower back and supports your vertebrae, which is helpful for general health even if you don’t experience lumbar stiffness.

Pillows for Back Pain

More than likely, you’re here because you’re seeking a chair pillow that will ease your back pain. However, the spine and back muscles are intricate; there’s no one “best pillow” for everyone. Instead, think about what kind of back pain you experience. Once you’ve isolated the type and origin of your discomfort, it’s easier to pick a pillow.

Lower Back Pain: If you experience pain and limited range of motion in your lower back, try a pillow that offers support against the lower part of your back. To ensure you’re comfortable in the chair, pillows that address lower back pain should remain small. If that doesn’t work for you, try a thicker one with a cut-out for your spine. The specific shape of this pillow allows room for the tissues at the very bottom of your back.

Middle Back Pain: Pain in the middle of your back usually occurs because of a specific injury, arthritis, repetitive motions such as carrying heavy items, or staying in an awkward position too long.  This kind of pain might respond well to strengthening exercises or improved posture. To find a chair back pillow that provides relief for your middle back pain, consider a memory foam pillow, perhaps in the shape of a wedge. These chair back pillows can perform double duty as a chair cushion if necessary, and can encourage better posture while your muscles heal and spine strengthens.

Upper Back Pain: Pain in the upper back is usually generalized between the neck and the middle of the rib cage. It might extend to the shoulders, and is usually worsened by osteoporosis and consistent slumped posture. People batting upper back pain might benefit from a gel seat back pillow.

Everyone’s back pain is different, and the best pillow for your chair back might change if you sit elsewhere. In addition, you might need a softer pillow one day and a firmer one the next. Still, if you’re seated for hours at a time, a good chair cushion can make an enormous difference when it comes to relieving back discomfort.

Lumbar Looks

Style is probably the last quality you think of when it comes to chair back pillows. You just want a cushion that works, right? Unfortunately, some pillows for chair backs are poorly designed and ruin the look of your office chair. However, some chair back pillows are sleek and fit in well with the rest of the room; others even feature straps to hold them in place. Other back pillows are available in multiple colors and can complement any decor.


To find the right chair pillow for your chair back, set aside some time to think carefully about where your pain is localized. Take into account any injuries you might have experienced, as well as how your posture is maintained. What works one day might not serve you the next, so consider experimenting with several different chair back cushions. To make the most of your chair back pillow, concentrate on providing support where you need it the most. Your spine will thank you for it. 

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