How To Get A Disposable Phone Number For Receiving SMS

Previously, in order to register an account on most online resources, it was enough to provide your email address. Today, however, during the registration process most services require users to verify their mobile phone numbers via receiving and entering OTP. This is mainly done for security purposes and as part of the fight against spam. It is understandable and makes sense. But what to do if disclosing a personal number is not the way to go because of possible data leakage or for any other reason? Well, the solution to this issue is obvious and simple. Just obtain and use a disposable phone number instead.

Why use a disposable number instead of the regular one?

Those who have been using such a feature for a long time know how good it is. But newcomers will have to familiarize themselves with it from the very beginning. Using a disposable number instead of a personal one can be useful in a number of cases. Thought it is best revealed when it comes to the issue of security. There are several reasons for this.

First, the purchase and use of a disposable online phone number do not involve providing personal information. It remains completely hidden from prying eyes. There is also no way to associate such a number with its current user. To an intruder, it looks just like a set of randomly generated digits that cannot be useful for any purpose.

Secondly, such a number is unavailable for tracking. It has a static location and is not assigned to the device of its owner. In addition, users can also obtain and activate numbers that were issued by cellular providers in other countries without any difficulties. For example, those who live in India can easily operate disposable numbers coming from Russia, Germany, or even the US thereby significantly increasing their anonymity.

Finally, as the name implies after use disposable number is getting completely deleted from stock and database relatively. It becomes unavailable for getting to its first user and anyone else on the internet which also adds to the security. You do not need to worry about someone using your account in the future as there is simply no technical way to do it.

Other benefits of such a feature

Increased privacy and security is not the only advantage of a disposable phone number. The list of its benefits consists of at least a few more points. They include:

  • Low price. The cost of a disposable number is much lower than the cost of a SIM card and rarely exceeds $1.
  • Easy activation. It does not take longer than a few minutes to purchase and activate a disposable phone number. Moreover, in order to deal with this task, it is enough for the user to have basic internet skills.
  • Unlimited use. There are no limitations on how many disposable numbers each person can get and activate. It depends only on goals set and financial capabilities.

But there is more to it than that. One more distinctive feature of a disposable phone number is its accessibility from anywhere in the world. There is no need to go anywhere to get one like when purchasing a SIM card. You just have to visit a specialized resource that offers such a service.

Getting disposable phone number online

Those who hear about disposable numbers for the first time may think that getting them is a complicated process that takes time and effort. But in reality, there is nothing like that. By using the SMS-Man mobile verification platform anyone can get them within a few minutes. There is even no need to have special knowledge in technologies or something. Here is how it works:

  1. Register the profile at website and verify it.
  2. Open the payment page and top up your balance using a suitable payment method.
  3. Switch back to the homepage of the service and select the parameters of a disposable phone number.
  4. Click the buy button.
  5. Receive your disposable number.

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This is basically everything to do. You have obtained a disposable phone number and can use it to receive SMS thereby easily signing up for the service to which it is assigned.

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